Health Tips for Green and Sustainable Living with DBS Credit and Master Cards

Lifestyles encompass various industries, like travel, textiles, cuisine, tourism, structures and construction, transportation, and consumer information. They also link to global initiatives like the One Planet Network and consider regional and urban distinctions.

They assist people by empowering and inspiring them, as well as the organizations that help people to adopt more environmentally friendly lifestyles. To address the needs more sustainably and better if the business and government sectors offer options and systems.

Understanding how our lifestyle choices affect the environment and finding ways for everyone to live better, lighter lives are two critical components of sustainable living. A “people lens” approach to sustainability is novel, highly advantageous, and contemporary. The Sustainable Development Goals include sustainable living and lifestyles for the first time. In terms of examining sustainable lifestyles and how decision-making can be more effectively used for sustainability, the UN Environment Programme is in the lead.

How can governments and businesses assist change more effectively?

People generally live their lives pursuing their life goals without having any intention of causing any harm to the environment. People living in different parts of the world have varied needs, and the number is increasing every day. Similarly, there are people in other regions struggling to meet their necessities.

Our behavior and decision-making as global consumers will determine how we live and work in the future. They include how we maintain and run our houses, how we commute, what we eat, how we unwind, how we take care of the environment, and what we buy.

People do not change their behavior based on what they have to do. Rather they do not react to statistics, data, or pessimistic predictions of the future. People develop goals and wants and take action to satisfy them. They base their choices on factors like accessibility, cost, extra standards like trends or well-being, and effectiveness.

The defining factors do not include sustainability. Even those who desire to live more sustainably often do not have access to information and goods and services appealing to their lifestyle. This emphasizes the fact that it is up to businesses and governments (who are also consumers!) to spread awareness, encourage good behavior changes, and support the creation of new business models that will make sustainable living the norm.

Know How to Live Sustainably

It is essential to note that living sustainably is important and should not be limited to just a day. You can practise sustainable living every day. There are organizations promoting activities that make it simple for everyone to go green. They offer you goods and services that easily fit into several facets of your life, including your house, daily activities like travel, shopping, and long-term investments.

For instance, the DBS portfolio of environmentally friendly goods and solutions helps you to start living sustainably. Their products and services are so designed that you can accomplish your dream of living sustainably, saving more money, and creating less trash.

  1. Shopping and Spending Green

DBS Bank collaborates with EaseMyTrip and MasterCard to introduce a 99% recycled polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-based international credit cards MasterCard. Further, it has also launched the digibank EaseMyTrip Green Debit Card, which rewards users for adopting environmentally friendly habits and motivates them to lessen their carbon footprint by offering privileged travel-related benefits.

The card provides the best-in-class discounts on reservations made through the EaseMyTrip website, as well as a mobile application. The users enjoy a 10 percent discount of up to $2,000 on flight ticket purchases and up to a 17 percent discount on accommodation at specific eco-friendly resorts and hotels.

Choosing things that can benefit the environment when shopping, traveling, and eating on a regular basis will help preserve the environment, as well as help save money.

When it comes to the DBS Live Fresh Card is the first environmentally friendly credit card in Singapore and is made of 85.5% recycled plastic. It also offers an extra 5% Green Cashback at select eco-friendly shops, restaurants, and transportation services.

As for the travel perks, you can have one airport lounge visit every quarter as a DBS credit cardholder. For those users in India they can withdraw up to Rs. 1,50,000 a day from an ATM abroad or in India. Further, you can make purchases in India of up to Rs. 1,50,000 and up to Rs. 1,00,000 at merchant locations in other places around the world.

  1. Develop Greener Eating Habits

Do you want to develop a greener eating habits? You can do it with your DBS / POSB Card by buying green-labeled products on RedMart and avail of a discount of S$15 off your purchases. This ongoing partnership program from DBS with Audra Morrice and RedMart helps reduce food waste, which is a first in Singapore. It encourages you by having a specially curated bundle box that has a piece of advice on using the unique recipe and ingredients intelligently from Audra.

  1. Driving Green 

By utilizing greener transportation options, we can reduce our carbon emissions and deal with climate change.

You can occasionally drive through carsharing BlueSG, which is Singapore’s distinguishable platform inviting electric-vehicle car sharing. If you are a DBS/POSB debit or credit MasterCard holder, you can have 30 minutes of free rental time and your first month’s subscription fees waived.

If you are one of those who want to contribute to sustainable living, you need to start now to create a sustainable future. The key to attaining your desire is reducing our carbon emissions and switching to cleaner forms of transportation. It is time if you drive toward a greener future by making a conscious effort with the help of a DBS Green Car Loan.