Protein Diet: Exotic Seafood In Malaysia

Seafood is the most popular Asian food. People from Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines eat hundreds tons of seafood. Just think: big octopus costs about 1 dollar, the big plate of mussels costs about 80 cents. Why do not you use it to enjoy the healthy food? The seafood is full of proteins, microelements and no calories. Do you like seafood? Try to hire a car in Langkawi and drive over the city markets to shop seafood.



It is not easy to distinguish different kinds of shells. Let us start from mussels. There are few kinds of mussels in Malaysia. If they are small, they are called Manilla clam. It is better to buy fresh mussels, they are really tasty. If you buy big mussels, they are called Asian clam. You may choose! Are there any rules to choose? Pay attention to shell wings. They must be shut. If the shell is broken or opened, you should not buy it. Smell it, you can feel the fresh sea smell.

How to cook mussels? If you want to make your mussels tasty, it is not enough to boil them. It is important to add spices, onion, garlic, coco vinegar. There is another recipe – cook mussels in coco milk. They are cooked very fast. By the way, if the mussels are not opened after cooking, it is better to throw them away. Of course, you can easily find a good recipe to cook mussels in the internet.


Europeans cannot find the difference between many sorts of snails. Of course, it is better to buy broken or partially broken shells in order to cook them very fast. Anyway, the sellers in the market can help you to take out snails from their houses. One more thing, try to cook snails as fast as possible, especially if they are cracked. How to choose sea snails? You can choose them by smell. If the product smells good, you can buy it. How to cook snails? Traditionally, you can buy them and boil in the coco milk, garlic and spices. It takes no more than 5-7 minutes.


There are many kinds of sea plants. You should try all of them. They are called sea grapes. As a rule, the sea plants are ate in raw condition, spiced with vinegar or fresh juice. It is very important to add these ingredients. Otherwise, the dish tastes badly. How to choose fresh and tasty sea plants? They must be compact and solid by structure.

The green alga, Caulerpa for sale in a Fiji market


Of course, the dish is very specific. Nevertheless, it is interesting for locals and tourists. You should know that the sea hedgehogs do not need to be specially manipulated. Malaysians cut the thorny armor like the watermelon. The hedgehog body is applied with lemon juice and vinegar. This dish is delicacy in France and Spain. It is also popular dish in Malaysia. How to choose the sea hedgehogs? They must be alive and move their needles?


How to choose crabs? You cannot imagine how many rules you should learn to choose good crab meat. For example, they are distinguished by the place of birth, living. The price is particularly the same. Just try them all. It is also important to consider the animal sex. Of course, it is better to buy female animals because of caviar inside. The male animals are diet variant. It is not difficult to make a good crab meat. If it is still alive, it is good. The crab house must be hard and solid.

How to cook crabs? It is better to stew crabs with spices. It takes you about 10 minutes to cook them. There is one secret: you should add some sparkling water to crab meat to make it juicy and soft. It is really tasty.

Cooked and Raw


Obviously, lobsters are not cheap. The price for lobsters starts from 30 USD per kilo. Actually, this is not a high price for lobsters in a comparison with rest of countries. How to choose lobsters? Remember that the sea cancer must be alive. If it is dead, it is dangerous food because of toxins. You can see many different kinds of lobsters. The most popular of them is sleeper lobster. They are really expensive. There are no more than 5000 tons of lobsters every year. This is not a big point for lobsters.


There is nothing better than choosing squids. Have you ever cooked a squid at home? Of course, you have! Nevertheless, it is also easy to spoil the taste of squids to make it hard and dry. So, what are the sorts of squids in Malaysia? Are there special rules to choose them? There are big and small squids. Of course, big squids cost much. They price starts from 1,5-3,5 USD per kilo. There are also many black squids. If you like Italian or Malaysian cuisine, it is not a problem to find a good recipe to cook them at home. You may also ask for advice right here, in the market in the center of Langkawi.



The octopus in Malaysia is considered to be the most popular protein food. It is popular food by their price and availability. So, the price starts from 1,5 USD per kilo. How to choose an octopus to cook it? Do you think that the bigger the better? This is wrong position. The small size animals are soft and juicy. Look at the good that you are offered to buy. If the eyes are dark and muddy, the octopus is not fresh. If it is damaged, it is also not worth buying.

How to cook it? First of all, it is important to delete the ink bag that is placed inside. There is no need to peel the body just cut it. Do you want to know true Malaysian recipe to cook octopus meat? Take the pan to fry onion, garlic, tomatoes, pepper and chili. So, when your souse is ready, put the octopus to your pan and cook it for 3 minutes. It must be very tasty. No salt! The octopus is salty on itself.