What you can become if you like using Wikipedia?

I was always interested in surfing the internet and then one day I found Wikipedia which was one of the information sharing websites and was an encyclopedia. I started to make small edits on this platform and this became my hobby soon. I now kept editing information on Wikipedia and considered that this was something that could increase my knowledge until one day I came to know that Wikipedia editing could be my professional career too. I started to explore and found out that not only Wikipedia editors have a career in Wikipedia services but there is a list of things related to Wikipedia that could be opted as a career. Here I have mentioned these services for people who have an urge to use Wikipedia and want to make a career out of it.

  1. Wikipedia Researchers

Research has a wide scope and could be used in multiple things. Every researcher have to follow some criteria for their specific research and these researches may vary on your domain. Wikipedia researchers make the research criteria before writing the content. You can search about things and research could become one of your career opportunity. With the context of Wikipedia, you can become a research who searches about clients and projects and makes their pages to be made stronger and making them eligible for the Wikipedia page. The researcher is the first page to making a Wikipedia page and without research, none of the other steps could be efficiently done. Thus, researchers have a good chance of getting a professional career in the field of Wikipedia research.

2. Wikipedia Writers

Not everybody is able to write and when the case is of Wikipedia writing it becomes even more difficult. Wikipedia writing requires formal writing which is harder than other forms of writing and thus Wikipedia writers are highly paid in the field. They have to care about a number of things like not being promotional while they write content or else it will make the page to be deleted. Also, they have to mention the facts and information only as Wikipedia does not appreciate opinions and thoughts and with all these constraints they have to write things that are attractive to readers or else the Wikipedia page would not get the visitors as it is expected to get. But if you have got extraordinary writing skills and knowledge about Wikipedia then you can become a Wikipedia writer.

3. Wikipedia Editors

Editing is what I loved to do and this is one of the careers in Wikipedia services I have already mentioned. This could be divided into two things. One is editing your own Wikipedia page where you edit the information and keep the page up to date and the other one is about editing or contributing to other pages. The contributions could be major or minor as per the needs and editing skills that you have got but these contributions are important for Wikipedia profiling which is impactful to other things in Wikipedia page creation.

4. Wikipedia Managers

Managers are important in operations and so is the case with Wikipedia pages. Wikipedia managers do look after everything that is related to the Wikipedia page. They monitor and maintain the page as well as coordinate with other members of the team to make the effectiveness of the page to be increased. Their main job is to look after the page and prevent it from deletion for which they require experience in the field. The Wikipedia managers could get paid higher than any other Wikipedia professional but it is subjective to their experience and skills.

5. SEO Experts

Well, SEO expert is already a professional field in digital marketing but SEO experts can also earn through doing it for Wikipedia services. These SEO experts make the back-linking of a Wikipedia page to be strengthened in order to achieve the purposes of generating visits to a different site through a Wikipedia page.

All of these services require different skills but one thing that is common in each of them is the ability to handle Wikipedia and knowledge about the guidelines and requirements of the Wikipedia. What we did for just hobby till yet has now become a professional field and just like me if you want to earn from one of your hobbies than this is something that you can count on.