Web-based Project Management Software – How It Can Help You?

Web-based project management software is basically a collection of processes and programs that are capable of managing different phases on any project over the internet. It includes processes like scheduling task, calculating time for setting up deadlines, managing resources, sharing updated business information amongst team members and many more.

Now, if you are a business owner or a Project Manager, you will definitely know how much difficult it is to manage the diverse tasks involved in project management; and as the traditional project management tactics are becoming obsolete day by day, most of the modern companies are resorting to online project management software to make things easier. After all, a web-based PMS is associated with a number of features that you can reap the benefits of. Read on to know what those features are; some of the key ones are as follows:

Anytime Anywhere Accessibility

The new generation of this kind of software is popularly called as cloud-based project management software. Featured with global accessibility, a web-based project management solution is generally available over the internet round the clock. Moreover, this software does not necessarily need to be installed into any individual device. To access it, all you need is a device that supports internet connection and a web browser. An online PMS enables you to have access to the required business information from any place like home, office, airport, hotel and etc., provided the place has got internet connection.

Web-based Project Management Software – How It Can Help You?

Easy Collaboration

Collaboration is believed to be a crucial part of managing any project. It becomes more important especially when you have to share a particular project with globally based business partners and colleagues. Web-based project management software simplifies the process of delegating tasks to your offshore team members, monitoring tasks assigned to them and many more. Such software is featured with smart notification system that sends an auto-email whenever there is any change in the project plan and any update regarding the same. All of these make a web-based project management system a reliable platform where you can share your knowledge, discuss about a project issue as well as collaborate and communicate with your team members.

Increased Productivity

Keeping project-critical information in one place not just simplifies collaboration but even reduces the possibility of any misunderstanding that might get caused amongst your team members based at different offices. As a result, you and others working on the same project would be able to work more effectively. In addition to this, it even helps you save time on regular operational tasks like updating project plans, collecting reports, monitoring project status, reminding team members about pending tasks and etc. This in turn increases the overall organisational productivity.


The best part of using online project management software is that you don’t have to buy a solution every time you start a new project. Instead, you can just pay for the time as long as your project stretches. Moreover, you don’t have to spend on the installation and maintenance of it, even when your project is on.


An online project management solution is always featured with this facility. It just auto-updates itself whenever any update is available thus enabling you to have access to the latest version of the software.

All of these aforementioned features of web-based project management software help you get a project done in a much easier manner without having to worry about the different aspects of project management.

This article aims at highlighting some of the key benefits of using web-based project management software.

About Author: Brian Denten works as a marketing associate for WorkZone. WorkZone is a web-based project management software company based out of suburban Philadelphia. WorkZone is dedicated to providing companies with an excellent project management solution that streamlines workflows, reduces stress, and leaves time for the work that truly matters.