The Generation Of Gaming In Online Casino

The Generation Of Gaming In Online Casino

In this article, we will talk about a key concern for operators worldwide and what are the changes in player expectations. The younger generation has become a focus for many industry leaders, and one of them Max Dubossarsky says that casino operators and providers have one main mission: to understand the wants and needs of players and to ensure that their products and solutions meet these expectations.

By doing this, operators can understand that their offer is relevant if it meets the user requirements or if it is in high demand, Max said. He also adds that each generation of players has contributed to the development of the industry in its own way.

What’s Next

Max Dubossarsky adds that there is no secret that at the centre of attention there are at least two young generations: millennials and Gen Z, where both of them have the traits that set them apart from previous generations.

  • Both young generations can adapt quickly and easily to technology.
  • They are used with a variety and range of cutting-edge technology that is available and leads to high standards in services and solutions.
  • They are rational, careful and also have a thirst for excitement and adventure.
  • They have an active presence online and offline and because of this they are good at multitasking and have a rich user experience.

In the end, what is more truly important for operators, is that this new generation expects secure solutions which are easy to use and adaptable on any device. And above the rest, all they want is to access products with immersive storylines and innovative technology.

The Difference

When it comes to anticipating a generation the best way to do is to determine the time and conditions where they live. Dubossarky added that it is necessary to take a look at their activities and the world around them, like public attitudes, cultural experiences etc.

For example, the Silent Generation (1925-1945) grew up during and just after the war and horse racing was their only form of gambling. Then, the baby boomers came (1946-1954) who lived through an economic golden age and spirit of rock’n’roll. And during this time the regular casinos appeared with the Vegas culture and development of the entertainment industry. Then there is Gen X (1965-1979) which is the generation of future entrepreneurs where they grew up in a tie of social mobility and economic changes. This was their time of huge technology progress, a time of a more rational approach to life and many forms of gambling being legalised.

The millennials (1980-1994) were the first generation to grow up playing video games and this part has played a huge role for online casinos. Operators and providers introduced the first online casino websites. This generation is also known as the first internet generation with many day-to-day tasks being aided by technology. The physical input was more longer required and millennials would go for affordable entertainment which often included home activities.

And last but not the least, Gen Z (after 1995) which were born in a world of getting grips with digital technology and therefore their demands were higher. Here many operators and providers were forced to change their approach.

The Change

Many experts armed themselves with historical knowledge and modern technologies where they changed the approach strategy to be much more simple for the younger audience. Dobossarsky said that when it comes to catering the younger generation of players, it is important to remember that they can’t be easily surprised because there is a huge number of products on the market and sometimes it is hard to get their attention.

In addition, operators and providers have to introduce gamification and create more complex graphics and adapt their games such as Book of Ra 10 for different devices. Of course not to forget about adding new ways to get the attention of players, something like built-in VR and AR functionality. Innovation has also a big role to play, Bubossarsky says that many operators didn’t think about eSports playing a part in their business. Today, eSports is sought out by many including the iGaming industry.

Technological advances will only continue to push the boundaries of what we know as entertainment, for example, the VR technology will bring opportunities like tactile sensations in games. For instance, traditional sports games like boxing and tennis are becoming popular in the form of VR. Creative thinking and modern technical capabilities will always go a long way and the nostalgic games will always have a place of their own because regardless of technology, people will always return to what they were used to. That’s why there are solutions that stood the test of time and what will continue to be relevant will always be in high demand, says Max Dubossarsky.