Tech And Cigars? Yep: 6 High-Tech Cigar Products

A good cigar is a good cigar…but there’s a whole world of accessories and tools surrounding that good cigar that can make your experience even better, if you are interested in exploring the latest cigar technologies. The big brands and the high-tech aficionados have been hard at work to develop new wars of caring for and enjoying cigars that put the traditional methods to shame. The next time you shop for cigar-related items, look for new tech innovations like the following products.

1. Customized Accessory Options

If you are shopping for gifts or just want a new way to express your cigar interests, then looking into online stores that offer customized accessories for you. Today, with just a few keystrokes you can order lighters, boxes, humidifiers and many more products that are inscribed with your monogram or another tailored message. Previously such works tended to be rare and expensive. Now it is a simple matter to order an engraved tool or storage unit, available in many different colors and styles. Take advantage of the eCommerce trend and start personalizing your cigar-related items.

Tech And Cigars? Yep: 6 High-Tech Cigar Products

2. Hygro-Thermo Combos for any Space

A hygrometer is often considered a required tool for a true fan, showing you the humidity of any cigar storage container or humidifier. A thermometer gives you temperature readings so you can properly create the best environment for long-term storage. But modern technology has taken these devices a step further. Not only are they combined into one unit, but these units have grown smaller and more portable, until they can be easily attached to the inside of even the smallest humidor. If you want to move these newest devices to another storage device, they are also easy to detach and place where needed.

3. Instant Humidification Tubes

If you have not yet experimented with the latest humidification materials out there, it is time to jump on board. Science has provided plenty of dependable humidification options ideal for transporting and protecting cigars in any circumstance. One of the more notable options is the humidification tube, offer by brands like Xikar. These utilize special crystals designed to slowly release water vapor inside the tube when activated. Place a cigar in one of these tubes and enjoy several weeks of steady humidification without the need for any electrical connection.

4. Advanced Lighters

If you want a fancy and more efficient lighter to show off to your friends, look into the duel-flame lighting trend. These offer both a visible flame (mostly for looks) and an extra-hot flame running off a purer fuel that is invisible but will light your cigar at high speed. Or, if you prefer, go old-school with new tech that uses flint to ignite the flame. Other innovations combine pens and lighters into one device.

5. E-Cigars

If someone has outlawed traditional cigars in your house or you are just ready for an easier, less expensive alternative, consider e-cigars. Like electronic cigarettes, e-cigars use modern tech to simulate a cigar with an electronic vaporizer and small battery. They are even designed to look like real cigars – but they produce vapor instead of smoke and do not have the same smell issues.

6. Air Purifiers for Anywhere

If you still prefer traditional cigars but the smoke is starting to annoy someone in your life, look into the most advanced air purifiers that the market has to offer. Cigar brands often sell mini-purifiers designed to work in cars (some plug directly into lighters) or in offices where the smell may not be welcome. Advanced versions exist that can look like a piece of art but still clean the smoke from an entire house or large office if required.

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