Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Most Powerful Version Till Date!

Samsung unveiled the fifth installment of its Note line in India a few days back i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Sporting a gorgeous metallic display, stylus pen, wireless charging and more amazing features, the smartphone is not to be missed! Here’s what the latest offering of Samsung has to offer:

Gorgeous Design

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is bigger than its predecessors as it has a whopping 5.7 inch screen. Be it watching movies or elevating the level of playing games, do it all on your mini multiplex theatre! And don’t confuse its big size for heavy weight and bulky look. It has a sleek design and the dual edge back fits comfortably in your hand. The Gorilla Glass 4 lends it a sturdier body.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Most Powerful Version Till Date!

Super useful S Pen

Are you the kind of person who still likes to make notes on notepad using pen? If yes, there’s one more reason for you to fall in love with this phone. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has this incredibly useful tool where a click is all you will need to do to complete tasks. Be it scribbling on pictures or noting down important tasks of the day, capturing long pages as single image that require scrolling or putting notes even on a screen that’s off; there’s so much you can do with it. However if you think you can do away with it and can’t afford to shell out so much money, take advantage of Paytm offers present on and get low priced ones at further reduced prices!

Wireless Charging

Do you remember those times where you had to carry your charger everywhere with you for the fear of holding a dead battery phone in your hands and then search endlessly for a plug point? Make those things a history now with the new innovative technology Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with! All you have to do is drop it on the included wall charger and it will start charging. The phone can be full charged in only 120 minutes. Make it yours today itself by buying it through Amazon coupons present on which will fetch you a good deal! Don’t let its price deter you from having it.

Breath-taking Photographs

The way in which the camera of a smartphone works is a major deciding factor for many people. The sale of compact digital cameras is going down for this very reason! Most people are now using only their phone’s camera to capture moments and take amazing selfies of theirs. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a 16 mega pixel rear camera with f/1.9 to help you capture images beautifully even in low lighting conditions. The front camera has 5 mega pixels with a 120 degree wide selfie angle so that you can take in more people when indulging in your photo sessions. The auto real-time HDR within videos and images will ensure that you don’t struggle with proper lighting to capture the best photographs.

Stylish Accessories

The accessories will help you make an instant style statement just anywhere! After all, who doesn’t love to show off? Opt for the colorful covers to brighten up your day or MontBlanc ones which exude elegance. The Swarovski ones will be your perfect accompaniment on days when you need glamour and want to turn heads at a party. If you are a very simplistic person, go for the transparent case that covers your phone entirely. You can even take calls without lifting the cover. And if you are going out for errands, put on a flip wallet cover on your phone which will keep your credit card in it. And there are more!

There’s so much that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has to offer!