Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Expect Something Better

The Next Galaxy Note 5 is going to have unbelievable specifications and features. And this is true because with the same specs and features the Galaxy Note 5 is leaked in many rumors. If you remember the first generation Galaxy Note Edge has almost identical specifications. You could say that the Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy Note 4 as two bodies with the same soul and this year it would happen the same.

The most interesting fact that was the reason for the success of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge was its display. In the display section it have the bent at the right of the screen which making it very interesting not only in looks but also in the design and functionality. As per the display specification, in brightness and luminosity Galaxy Note Edge meets the 496 nits luminance and a minimum 1-nit brightness. The range is little lower that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Also, the front glass gives the impression of being somewhat thicker as the reflections in bright ambient light outdoors are more noticeable than other handsets from Samsung in 2014 year. Nothing that makes it particularly annoying and the nits are responsible alleviate. The curve of the screen impresses first but once used it a few days as the mainspring lost the element of surprise. And this should not happen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Expect Something Better

In the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, the touch feeling was good and resolution WQHD is not something you notice excessive if it is true that for applications such Note S is grateful to have that extra point per screen for more precise strokes. The curved part is noticeable to the touch from the outset and although at first it is rare to notice after a while we got used to gesture on it and remove when needed. When the screen is idle, you can activate an option for that part of the panel is activated, and read into it notifications. Something similar to what Motorola offers with its Moto X but with a not so successful integration. Samsung has managed to integrate well the curve in a panel such good results given in Note 4. Integration at the technical level is good, and the panel (with its drawbacks) continues to prove that AMOLED has evolved greatly in 2014.

And later this year 2015, Samsung would prove this Galaxy Note Edge is most successful experiment Samsung has done to the date. Because, the improvements would definitely hit the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, if you are aware Samsung is also adding the curved display member in the Galaxy S series, would be probably called as the Samsung Galaxy S Edge or the Galaxy S6 Edge (not the samsung galaxy s7 ), but we didn’t get any official words yet, so within a month we would have a special display smartphones from Samsung. It could be the smaller version of the previous Galaxy Note 5014.