Route Mapping Software

At Badger Mapping, we are committed to help you optimize your route with software solutions which you can either have them installed onsite, take up as a SaaS model or subscribe to our online application.

In conclusion, route mapping software can simultaneously achieve multiple purposes, shortening the distance between two points, reducing the fleet capital needs; minimize the number of vehicles used in assignments and efficiently longer route times for each vehicle.

Unlike Google maps which seems to zoom to the center of screen, our route mapping software will not need constant movement when zooming in. Using route mapping software, you can plan the ideal jobs for your vehicles, customer and also restrict drivers thus avoiding many complex issues.

Route Mapping Software

A route mapping software is a computer aid program designed to help in planning the optimal route in between separate physical locations. But this software will not help you solve a number of your route mapping problems, like the distribution logistics and controlling your warehouse management issues. The software is very much essential in fleet and distribution companies where route mapping software can be optimized to create efficiency and increase profitability.

The best route mapping software must include GPS tracking as well as proper reporting and escalation features. An easy to use logistic and route mapping software is what you need.

It is important to mention that route mapping software applications are human made and thus prone to errors. This means that route mapping software depend so much on the user’s goal.

 Route Mapping Software

This is one of the additional features given by online mapping websites in road route planning to complement their mapping functions. Our route mapping application is simple to use, you will not at any time get confused when using it because it has zero unnecessary bells and whistles.

Our high-quality software seamlessly integrates with over fifty GIS mapping tools to help you create maps how you want and the way wish to move around.

Ever wondered how much you can achieve with a route mapping software?

Badger, appreciating the importance of computers, uses them in route planning for their entire route mapping applications. By using our route maps, you get to use the most direct route to your destination, get more deliveries completed and save on expenses like fuel and vehicle wear and tear costs. The specialized road route planner gives a list of options one can choose to pass by (points of interest) when one is traveling to their destination, with crossroads and directions that must be followed, road numbers and distances among other traveler details.

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