Mixed reaction with the announcement of Nintendo 2DS console

The announcement of the release of Nintendo 2DS console is attracting a joint “eh” reaction from the fans of the leading gaming company. The new handheld console is aiming to allure the entry-level gamers, i.e. the kids, with a large list of games that are designed for the Nintendo DS and 3DS and at the same time appealing to the parents with its low price of $129. Nothing like its counterpart, the Nintendo 2DS does not come with 3-D visual effects and it cannot be folded shut akin to other DS consoles. Instead, the 2DS console remains fixed and flat, more like a tablet. The controls are however comparable to the other Nintendo handheld consoles and the size of the screen is the same as for the 3DS handheld console.

Nintendo 2DS consoleWhilst the critics are divided on whether the new console is the best idea for the pioneer gaming company in the long term, the fans in social media and forums are shaking their heads. Some of them are questioning the need of a 2DS model given the fact that the 3-D feature can be turned off or on in the current handheld console. Others are calling for the heads of the Nintendo executive.

Most of the confusion is in the naming convention. Whereas the Nintendo DS console can play only the DS games, the 2DS console and 3DS consoles can play the games that are designed for the DS and the 3DS. The problem occurs because for the DS and the 3DS models, the games are clearly labeled. This is however not the case with the 2DS console and it might leave the parents wondering where the games for the 2DS model are. This case is similar to the one of Wii U, after it was announced and the gamers could not play Wii U on the Wii systems. There was not enough distinction in the names so as to create a difference for the casual audience. For some fans however, the shift to the non 3-D environment is a welcome gesture. One fan on twitter said he was very happy with the creation of the 2DS console.

Nintendo has said that the new handheld console is designed for the kids and this is despite having promotional videos where adults are using it. Nonetheless, even with the older gamers’ nonplused reaction, some of them understand the need of having a device that is aimed at the younger generation. Haziq, a member the popular NeoGAF forum for online video-gaming, wrote that the new 2DS console may be attractive to the parents who would like to buy a 3DS and Pokémon for their kids at an affordable price. Haziq adds that the flat design reminds one of a tablet and it would not be a surprise if this was the Nintendo’s way of competing directly with the small kids’ market. The 12th October release date for the 2DS console is the same date that the company is set to launch their latest Pokémon universe titles: Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.