June Summer Solstice: What Is It & How To Celebrate

The Summer Solstice in June is the longest day of the year and the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere. The date of the next solstice is Sunday, June 20, 2021. For thousands of years, this occasion has been observed around the world by celebrating nature and vitality. Find out more about the significance of this date and ways to commemorate the solstice with medium readings and the best psychic readings online.

What Is the Summer Solstice In June?

The summer solstice in June is the date on which the northern hemisphere of the planet experiences the longest period of daylight. This means the Arctic Circle receives 24 full hours of daylight, also known as polar day. The length of the day gradually decreases at lower latitudes, with daylight lasting 12 hours at the equator.

In the southern hemisphere, the same date is the winter solstice, which has the shortest duration of daylight. This portion of the planet is further away from the sun at this point in Earth’s orbit. The Tropic of Capricorn will only receive 10.5 hours of daylight, while the Antarctic is immersed in polar night with zero daylight hours.

How Do Different Cultures Observe the Solstice?

Historical sites suggest a lengthy history of observance of the summer solstice. Some of the oldest include the Standing Stones of Stenness located in Orkney, Scotland and Stonehenge in Southwest England. Both of these stone monuments are designated to align with the position of the sun on summer and winter solstices.

Today, people still gather at Stonehenge to see the sun stream through the heel stone and one of the remaining arches. Other festivals celebrated across Northern Europe include Midsommar in Sweden and the Secret Solstice in Iceland. Bonfires are lit on mountain peaks in Tyrol, Austria in a tradition that goes back to the middle ages. Many locations in the United States schedule fairs on this date, including the Midnight Sun baseball game and festival in Fairbanks, Alaska.

What Are Some Ways To Celebrate the Solstice?

You can attend an event scheduled on the solstice or celebrate the longest day of the year in your own way. Some of the most popular modes of observance include taking time to appreciate nature by spending time outside, gardening, making flower crowns or hosting bonfires or picnics.

More traditional rituals that originate in nature-based faiths. You might gather plants, make a summer solstice altar with candles and fresh flowers, or make sun wheels, mandalas or other works of art that celebrate nature and the changing seasons. Check the influence of the solstice on your birth chart report.

Regardless of how you choose to commemorate the summer solstice on Sunday, June 20, 2021, it is helpful to be aware of this event. The solstice this year occurs just a few days before the Super Strawberry Moon in Capricorn on Thursday, June 24, 2021. The first week of summer in the northern hemisphere has powerful significance that you can tap into through a psychic reading, spiritual practice or other modes of observance.