How To Maintain 50cc Engine Of Your Super Pocket Bike

How To Maintain 50cc Engine Of Your Super Pocket Bike

Today, pocket bikes have become a craze all over the world. They have created a buzz in the automobile industry. A large number of people look forward to experience the thrill and excitement of riding a pocket bike. This mind-boggling machine can give you a lifetime of adventure but you need to maintain the 50cc engine of your super pocket bike.

Super pocket bikes have become very popular among the bike enthusiasts. Apart from the adrenaline rush, they provide a comfortable ride as they have a cushioned seat and adjustable suspension systems. The electric start are mind-blowing and the kickstands are built right into the frame.

You can aptly describe the pocket bike as a mini-motorcycle. But the major difference in the two lies in the 4-stroke motors. It accelerates faster in smaller pocket bike and the speed is almost double the smaller bikes. Do consider handling while choosing the super pocket bike as it’s an important consideration for safety concerns. There are a lot of proficient mechanics available in the market that are good at repairing these pocket bikes. But if there is a major fault in the engine the mechanic can do very little about it. If the pocket bikes you intend to buy are being imported from another country, be vigilant and get a detail of spare parts and other components so that maintenance in the long run is not an issue.

50cc Engine Super Pocket Bikes

These super bikes with 50cc engine are street legal in most states of the US. Having a top speed of 40mph, they have a 4 stroke engine. These bikes are featured with chrome kickstand, chrome forks, upgraded fat exhaust, stylish black handlebars and rear view mirrors. Flexibel turn signal tail lights, speedometer, fuel gauge, CVT transmission, front hydraulic shock absorber suspension and rear hydraulic spring suspension adds to these pocket bikes’ safety factor.

Aluminium rims, 13’’ DOT tires, license plate holder, upgraded paint jobs and foldable rear foot pegs makes them more coveted to speed and bike lovers. The two seater 50cc engine super pocket bike have a cool and sporty look that is simply amazing to look and ride on.

The sweet color schemes and its sleek design will make you look twice at this super pocket bike. They are also perfect for every traffic condition as it is easy to control. Moreover, you can start your bike anytime due to its high capacity starter motor, electric start and the high output battery. If you are looking for a long distance or a cross country fun, it will provide you with an amazing performance.

Care and Maintenance –

1- There are various reasons for maintaining a bike that is Safety, Efficiency, Durability, and cleanliness. Mini bikes or any other motor bike might be maintained the exact same as 50cc super pocket bikes. But they run on an engine that can wear out fast. Minor damages can be taken care of by the local mechanics. However, If you face any major issue, the dealer should be contacted instantly. Almost every dealer of mini pocket bikes or big pocket bikes have their trusted mechanics who will do the needful.

2- As Super pocket bikes are used for racing purposes, you have to take extra care of your bike and ensure that you get it checked after each race. If you found any engine issues, get your bike completely checked and if necessary, keep it at the mechanic’s garage for a few weeks.

3- Pocket bikes will provide you a very smooth ride if you are giving your super pocket bike proper care and maintenance from time to time. Always remember to use the best quality engine oil that should be done while taking care of all the body parts of your bike.

4- The longevity of your bike should be taken care of which basically depends on your knowledge on bike maintenance and tuning. So you should keep updating yourself with the latest information.

Your love for the 50cc engine super pocket bike is inevitable, we do understand that, but maintenance should be an equally important part of that love. So, maintain your bike and it will be your companion for a long time to come.