Highlands High School Introduces Unique Computer Programming For Its Freshmen

By the end of the academic year of 2013, Highlands High School freshmen will learn everything of basic computer coding. The school has introduced new coding programming for the students to help them learn more about computing. The new Program Known as CodeHs was introduced earlier last year for the ninth grade students only with the purpose to make them fluent in programming.

CodeHsIn opinion of Chelsea Cook, who is also engineering, science and technology coordinator at the Highlands school commented that it is going to be a new language for computers. As language helps to learn how to write and read, thus this language will help to program and code. The language will prove helpful to enhance communication with a computer.

A student who is well known of basic coding structure can easily start with programming. Moreover, when they learn the new CodeHs with basic, they can easily learn advanced programming along with JavaScript and HTML.

CodeHs that has been created by two graduates from Stanford aim to easier the process of coding understanding the basics at first. A few initial parts of the program engage a dog that has been named as Karel. Karel the programming dog lives in the world of grids where students need to type individual comments to help the dog complete its tasks.

Starting the program is a very simple process where students have to move the dog only. Once this level is completed, the program gets complicated and starts asking questions about the entire world.

The program was released first to public last year and it has been so popular within this short span that it has already 40, 000 users across the world. Highlands is second high school that is using this advanced program.

Already Highlands High School is running magnet program called STEM and the school is going to reserve the new program initially for those two hundred students who have already enrolled in this program. Mr. Lorna Klokkenga, principal of the school however commented that later the program would be open to all so that every student can experience it.

Students being admitted in this programming are mostly from 9th and 10th standard and the school has made such arrangement because the authority want to draw more students to the field of engineering and technology. The school authority is also planning to offer more of computer programming, robotics and of Linux programming in future.

Almost every student from ninth grade should be involved in this program, as this will help them to get more understanding of technology and science. It is important to involve more students in the technological field because in every aspect of life use of technology is increasing rapidly and this will get more advanced further.

However, if the students decide to choose anything else than technology as career in future, this program will prove helpful still. This is because this interactive program needs deep involvement and understanding of other subjects, along with science subjects, to decode it.