Google’s Latest Programming Language To Usurp Java

The leading search engine giant Google has made another revolution in the field of technology. It has created a new programming language named as Golong or Go. The market buzz is that the new language can replace Java in the near future.

Usurp JavaGoogle officials are optimistic that the language can be trusted over other popular languages like, Ruby and Java. The latter is particularly famous with business houses and enterprises. Sun Microsystems was bought by Oracle in 2010. After which the developers complained that Oracle has been exceedingly slow in developing and creating new Java development tools. So, the focus was basically on Java. None was concerned about Go until started using the language. The utilization by took it to a completely new level. It provided a messaging cloud service to the app developers. The Go helps the apps to talk to one another. However, that incident took place around a couple of years ago. after that was able to acquire the confidence of some dominant clients like, the Career Builder and The Motley Fool.

In a recent interview of co-founder and CTO of, Travis Reeder he said that the company do not have any direct commitment with the functioning of the product. However, they are the first to use it professionally in the production.

When asked by the journalist about the market rumor that Go has high potential to usurp the famous Java, Travis Reeder, the chief technology officer of commented that the advanced go would ensure the elimination of a lot of connection existing between Oracle and other firms in the cloud space. The advent of such programming language would further pave avenues for innovative ideas and an increase in research works. The inventive work will be based on the frameworks, services and the exclusive Go libraries.

So, the anticipation that Go would replace Java in the years ahead is true. Because the facilities provided by the new technology is outstanding and unsurpassable compared to its predecessors. Particularly the memory capacity of Go is sure to make every technology expert envious. In addition to this other features like, the code quality, performance, installation ease makes it stand apart from other contemporary programming languages. Travis Reeder further supplies that Java is no doubt an astounding language but Go are more users friendly. As it is easier to construct and organize high performance apps in the virtual world of Go.

Technology expert, Travis Reeder is hopeful that the stagnant situation that exists in the Java would soon evaporate.  Java has already been sold to Oracle, which might resolve the deadlock. The most important areas of operation of Java is moved under the management of Go, which indicates that the lock-in within the project will be determined soon.

Travis Reeder’s optimistic words are echoed by Derek Collison the chief executive officer of Apcera and ex-technical director of Google, VMware. He too believes that the latest programming language would gradually succeed the core of the cloud-computing infrastructure.