Color Change in New Offering of HTC

HTC laptops are popular but its color statement has become a little bit stale because many users didn’t truly appreciate the silver aluminum HTC that had become the brand insignia all over the world.

If you are one of those people not preferring the silver aluminum brand insignia, there is some good news for you. Finally; HTC has decided to come out of their silver aluminum preference and has settled for vivid blue color instead for the Q4 release.

HTC laptopsWhile vivid blue may still not be the preference of all and sundry, it certainly adds to the color choice prospects for the users all over the world that like to use the HTC products.

According to the company sources; “HTC has announced that a Vivid Blue version of its flagship one and one Mini will hit stores in Q4 2013”.

Millions of computer users all over the world are turning their heads towards trendy laptops and mini tablets for their day to day works, business, as well as for all other purposes. They also prefer the portability that these laptops offer for them. In addition the current trend is geared towards use of small sized portable devices that are handy for people that are constantly on the move.

This does not mean that such people do not like to have great features in their laptops or computers. That is why they continue to look for devices that are small, portable, and yet provides all the excellent features that are available in larger desktop computers.

In the above perspective mini device of HTC comes up very handy for the users.

However the company is yet to announce the markets that will have the new model that is appearing soon. Yet a fare guess is that the product is going to be marketed in a host of countries simultaneously where the number of potential users would be substantial. The company also understands that in the fiercely competitive gadget market they have to remain parallel if not ahead of their competitors in the market. And when others are coming up with newer models pretty consistently, they cannot afford to remain behind.

It seems the market research unit of the company arrived at the conclusion that the silver color get up of their devices marketed till now is a setback for the marketing prospects of the company and that is why they have come up with the vivid blue color concept for their latest device.

As a trade journal reports; “The announcement comes a week after the Vivid Blue’s casing appeared online via China’s Sina Weibo social network, although the leaked photo depicted an unfinished rendering of the final product.”

HTC already has the related marketing experience as their One X lost the market winning battle in face of the innovative Samsung Galaxy III.

This prompted the company take to the concept of their newer device that we are discussing with the intention of making a comeback.

A bold new home screen, streaming contents as well as Ultra-pixel camera, full HD display as well as dual speakers are all indication of their clear intention. The fact that you can easily turn the device into a TV remote conveniently may also attract quite a few users to buy it.

Time will only say whether HTC is going to stage a comeback in the market with the launching of the new device.