7 Refreshing Cocktails To Make After a Long Day

Building your home bar allows you to entertain and create great drinks without breaking the bank at your local watering hole. After a long day at your job or working from home, a refreshing cocktail can hit the spot and help you transition into relaxation time. Invigorating tonics like a Moscow mule with Absolut are simple to make and packed with flavor. Here are seven beverages you will want to try.

1. Blood Orange Martini

If you’re looking for something a little different, consider a blood orange martini that has fresh orange juice and can be made with vodka or gin. Recipes can differ slightly, but shaking this cocktail with egg whites and ice results in a rich, frothy texture while still remaining light and airy. This is one to try when you have company.

2. Pisco Sour

This drink uses egg whites and citrus as well for a similar texture and sour flavor. Instead of using vodka or gin, however, it uses pisco. Pisco is a brandy that originates from Peru and Chile and is light and color and unaged. Most well-stocked bars will have it, but it’s not something you often find in homes. Therefore, trying this cocktail may make you the talk of the neighborhood.

3. Mojito

A classic mojito probably comes to mind when thinking about effervescent beverages. The combination of mint, lime, sparkling water, and rum creates an invigorating taste that is perfect for a warm afternoon on the patio. This drink originated in Cuba but has taken over the world due to its popularity.

4. Jalapeño Margarita

If you like a little more spice, adding some jalapeños to a classic margarita can kickstart your evening and complement taco night perfectly. For a fresher flavor, make your margaritas with fresh lime juice instead of store-bought margarita mix. Using high-quality silver tequila will also elevate the flavor.

5. Vodka Tonic

Likely the most straightforward drink on the list, a simple vodka tonic can hit the spot without requiring too much work when you’re already tired. Although gin and tonics are a popular choice, vodka has a smoother flavor that melds with the tonic more effortlessly. Perfect for those who want a drink that isn’t too strong or too sweet.

6. Aperol Spritz

This Italian drink combines Aperol and prosecco for an unbeatable taste. Aperol is an Italian apéritif that combines orange and rhubarb, among other flavors, and is meant to be consumed before meals. Mixed with prosecco, club soda, and fresh orange, it can be enjoyed any time, especially when you’re looking to lay back and forget your worries. Consider adding rosé instead of traditional prosecco for a little extra fun.

7. White Wine Sangria

Wine lovers can rejoice at this drink that combines white wine and seltzer. You can add as much or as little fruit as you want to enhance the flavor and add sweetness. Typically, combining strawberries, mango, peaches, apples, oranges, and sugar will create a lively drink that can easily serve as a light dessert. Make sure you use a dry white wine, so the sugar doesn’t overpower the fizz.

Whether you want an easy option like a vodka tonic or want to try your hand at using egg whites and a cocktail shaker, there’s something above for you. Drinks like sangria are great for a crowd, while a mojito can be made for one or two as you watch the sunset after the workday. If cocktails are becoming a hobby, consider stocking your bar with high-quality liquors and tools that take your beverages to the next level. A sturdy shaker is a great place to start.