7 Great Golf Apps For iPhone

If you’d like to learn more about the game of golf, want to scope out a new course, are seeking tips to improve your swing, or are looking for an easier way to keep score, there are now many iPhone apps for golfers to use to make the game easier. Many apps can even set tee times or keep you updated about local golf tournaments in your area.

Below are 7 of the top golf-related apps for iPhone:

1. Golf Swing

Wondering how you might correct and perfect your golf swing? The Golf Swing app can help. Gone are the days of needing a video recording device and professional golf instructor to analyze; now you can take photos and videos with your iPhone and use this app to examine and evaluate your swing.

7 Great Golf Apps For iPhone

The Golf Swing app allows users to compare their own swing to those of their favorite professional golfers. It also stores endless profiles of golfers, and over 200 swing sequences to help golfers visualize and achieve their best form.

2. Golf Feed

The Golf Feed app is the go-to app for anything and everything golf-related. Offering the latest in professional golf news and travel articles about great new places to golf, this app even includes lessons and articles from the Internet to help any golfer improve their swing.

If you’re trying to plan a golf vacation, or just in the mood to watch golfing videos or listen to podcasts, the Golf Feed app would be a great addition to your life.

3. Golf Basics

Great for the beginner or the seasoned golfer, this app is loaded with helpful information about every aspect of the game of golf. With articles about gear and deciding which equipment and gadgets can help you improve your game, the Golf Basics app can even teach golfers why and how different climates and weather conditions might affect the sport.

This app also includes tips for left-handed golfers, warm-up tips and the essentials of golf, including course etiquette.

4. Golf Caddie

The Golf Caddie app can keep score for you, just like a real live caddie, as well as saving all your golf rounds into a history so you can chart your progress.

This app can also give you yardage to any hole, provide distance in yards or meters, and keep score for up to four people so you can virtually caddie for all of your golfing buddies, too.

7 Great Golf Apps For iPhone

5. TeeShot

This is the app for anyone who wants to keep track of their golfing statistics to analyze and improve their game. You can track your strokes, rounds played, putts, fairways, penalties and even sand saves with the TeeShot app.

The TeeShot app also allows the user to compare stats for a current round to all previously played rounds, and offers the option to email scorecards after a game.

6. AirVue

Are you trying out a new course, or maybe traveling somewhere new and seeking a round of golf? If so, the AirVue app can give you a shot from the sky above of any golf course to show you the layout, with all hazard distances easily viewable.

The AirVue app can map and take the mystery out of any new course on which you might be golfing, allowing you to prepare and bring the right gear.

7. Golf Etiquette

Highly recommended for any beginning golfer, this app gives the basic rules of golf such as behavioral and clothing expectations, as well as the proper protocol to follow around the greens and fairways.

Don’t be the guy wearing inappropriate golf attire and exhibiting tacky or unsafe behavior on the greens: use the Golf Etiquette app and learn how to play golf with class.

Whether you want to work on your skills, learn correct golf etiquette, figure out a course using an aerial view, or find a new place to play a round with friends, there is a great golf app for iPhone that can help you. Use the golf apps listed above to improve the quality of your game and enjoy your favorite sport with style.

Daniel Banner is a professional blogger that shares the advice and information on the best golf courses and golf tours worldwide. He writes for Golf Digest Scottish Tours, where you can create your custom Scottish golf package and golf trip.