5 Things You Didn’t Know About America’s Internet System

There has been a literal explosion in internet and cable system technology over the past ten years and American consumers are the beneficiaries.

Now a person can order a pizza over the television, see who is calling on the phone and even use the internet system to work with a security system and see who is standing on their front porch. All of this vast technology is literally can be held in the palm of one’s hand.

5 Things You Didn't Know About America's Internet System

Internet Cable Speed

One of the most fascinating and effective means of communicating using the internet has been information sharing at rates unthinkable when everyone used dial up modems. Now with cable speeds able to go to 6 Mb/s to even 50 MB/s or higher users can talk on the internet through their cable system and even use programs like Skype to talk with friends and family across the country.

Businesses also have been able to take advantage of the new internet speeds in America by utilizing T1 lines. T1 speed is measured at 1.536 Mb/s a second. This speed is due to the advent of fiber optic cables which are smaller and remove the bulkiness of older heavy cables that connected homes and business to the internet providers.

Satellite Communication

The digital speed of the internet is largely based upon a vast array of satellite communication technology which has reduced the cost of internet operations on the ground and improved broadband communication in both internet cable as well as internet connectivity in smart phones. Thanks to broadband satellites internet, users can look up locations on the map using GPS functions, or find a home or a restaurant using Google Maps and all on their smart phone.

Satellite Home Cable

Besides satellites improving and expanding the usability and functionality of internet searches and communications in smart phones, home users have the benefit of utilizing high-speed internet phone service, and home surveillance of their home when they are away. This is all due to broadband satellites. A family can order a Netflix movie, a pizza and call Aunt Mabel anywhere in America, from their TV or high-resolution digital Skype internet cable service. How neat is that?

Internet Users

One may conclude that because 70 out of 100 people in North America surf the internet on a regular basis each month that they could lay claim to being the largest users in the world. Asia is by far the largest of internet users. Asia makes up 35 percent of internet users while the United States comes in at 19 percent.

Smart Phone Social Networking

By far, smart phones are used for social networking either in tweeting, “Liking” or posting on Facebook or sharing up to 500 million photos a day, according to a recent internet trends study. In addition, thanks to the internet users can check for text and leave voice mails 23 times a day.

American life in the 21st century is defined by high speed internet and its ever escalating services and functions.