3 Essential Automotive Products


A car consists of a series of parts that function simultaneously to make it move. If these parts are defective or do not reach perfection, the car will be open to many potential threats. From starting the car to stopping it, all these automotive products play a significant role to control it. Mentioned below are 3 such automotive products that are absolutely essential for the car to function properly:-       

Control Cables

Automotive control cables are essential for the car to function properly. This integral aspect of the car enables a driver to control its various functions. They are highly durable and rigid, and do not corrode or wear off easily. Extra precautions are taken to ensure their quality as compromising on it may cause the car to malfunction and lead to fatal accidents. These cables are heat resistant and perform efficiently and effectively in hazardous environmental conditions like excess heat.   

An automotive cable is divided into three parts (a) Inner cable (b) Outer casting and (c) cable end. They are made of metal and coated by Polyethylene, Polyacetal, Polyamide plastics etc. Front and rear brake cable, throttle cable, trunk opener cable, parking brake cable, head lock control cable, clutch cable, choke cable, seat lock cable, gear lock cable, fuel lock cable, and clutch cable are few common examples of automotive cables.

Aluminium Die Casting

Aluminium die casting is a very essential trend in the automotive industry. Besides making the parts highly durable, it also helps to lighten the weight of the vehicle. Previously, steel was used in manufacturing car parts but, since it is heavy and offers very poor mileage, aluminium came out as a better alternative. This helps to increase the fuel efficiency of the car and saves our money. Also, the decreased weight helps in faster acceleration, braking, towing, and hauling. Aluminium die casting has made the production of complex parts much easier and shields telematics and electronic equipment.

Brake Pads

There are two types of brakes installed in a car (a) Disc Brakes and (b) Drum Brakes. Drum brakes use brake shoes and disc brakes use brake pads. Owing to the advanced features of a disc brake, drum brakes are becoming obsolete these days. The brake pad is a steel backing plate that consists of the automotive friction products required to stop the car. When the brake is applied, the callipers force the brake pads against the rotor that gradually brings the car to rest.

There are mainly four types of material used to make brake pads: Non-metallic materials (produce a lot of dust and have a short lifespan), semi-metallic materials (longer lifespan but harsh on the drum or rotor), fully metallic materials (very long lasting but damage the rotor and produce sound), and ceramic materials (produce lesser sound and do not damage the rotor, but very expensive).

The aforementioned products are some of the most crucial parts that a car needs. They ensure proper functioning of the car and your safety. Always trust credible brands like Ask Automotive for buying these parts.