What Can New Bruins Expect at UCLA

To say the least, the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) is a unique place. A relative newcomer to the world of mega colleges and universities (it came into being in 1919), it rose abruptly in prominence and popularity. Although it has a student body of more than 44,000 students, more students seek admission to UCLA than to any other university in the United States, with applications annually in excess of 167,000 individuals. Of course, as a student, you have likely heard all about the wonders of the school: about how it ranks #1 as the best public-school university in the nation and #15 internationally. Prestige alone, however, is not the reason you chose to attend. You had your specific, personal reasons. The question is, what does UCLA have for you?

What Can New Bruins Expect at UCLA

After celebrating and checking out your courses for the semester, the first thing you have to do is find a place to live, possibly an apartment in West LA, which you may find more delightful than any college dorm you might have expected. Your educators are the best, with many Nobel Prize laureates and MacArthur Genius Grant winners. Like sports? UCLA has won more national championships in more events than any school except Stanford. What may be more important to you, however, is the school’s legendary collegiality and the welcome it extends to all new Bruins. You might want to prepare yourself, though, for the “midnight yell” during finals week or the quarterly “undie run” across campus that ends with everyone dancing in the fountain.

How Does Los Angeles Welcome Bruins Students?

For those rare, relaxing moments of respite from studying, you will be able to enjoy the numerous remarkable attractions that draw millions of visitors to Southern California each year:

  • Venice Beach and Malibu. Watching surfers and beachcombers from around the world is intriguing. If the ocean is not your thing, hike to the freshwater thrill of the 50-foot high Eaton Falls in the San Gabriel Mountains
  • Have a dog, or want to play with one if you do not? Check out the dog-friendly South Coast Botanic Garden or take Fido to Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach. Get used to the idea that lots of outdoor eating establishments welcome dogs, if they have well-behaved owners.
  • Everyone in LA loves movies, right? You have many opportunities for cinema, including night shows in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, the Mission Tiki Drive-In in Montclair or neighborhood pop-up shows after dark all over town.

How Do UCLA Students Fare After Graduation?

Following your time at UCLA, you will be able to make your own mark in the world. You will be joining some exclusive company. Superachievers in all the sciences and celebrities from every field of artistic endeavor adorn the role of alumni. More importantly, the chances are terrific that you are going to graduate and join the list of UCLA luminaries. More than 84% of your fellow students graduate within four years. More than 91% graduate with six years. You are headed to Bruin excellence.