HESI Exam Study Tips

HESI Exam Study Tips

Nursing students will have to pass the HESI test in order to graduate from nursing school. Passing this nurse exam can depend on valuable HESI exam study tips. Nursing students should incorporate as many HESI test tips in their studying as possible. A variety of HESI exam study tips will reduce the risk of weakness in an area of the HESI nurse exam and improve the overall score.

HESI Exam Study Tip # 1: Make time to study.

This is the most important HESI test tip. Nursing students need to ensure that they spend the proper amount of time studying for the HESI nurse exam. It is recommended that upwards of 60 hours are spent studying for the HESI exam. The HESI test doesn’t just require a regurgitation of facts, but tests how to apply nursing knowledge. Students will need to spend extra hours implementing other HESI exam study tips, to fully understand the material.

HESI Exam Study Tip #2: Use HESI study guides.

There are many books written with the purpose of helping nursing students pass the HESI exam. They provide invaluable insight into what will be on the nurse exam and provide many HESI test tips. The company HESI also publishes books with HESI test tips, which include discs with practice exams. Books on HESI test tips can be found at bookstores or on-line, at Amazon.com.

HESI Exam Study Tip #3: Use flashcards.

Repetition is one of the most effective forms of learning. By making or purchasing flashcards, nursing students will optimize their chances of learning content that will appear on the HESI nurse exam.

HESI Exam Study Tip #4: Take on-line practice tests.

The more often a student takes HESI practice tests, the more comfortable they will be with the on-line testing medium. This HESI test tip also will help students with understanding and thus correctly answering the questions on the nurse exam. Free on-line HESI practice tests are available on Testprepreview.com.

HESI Exam Study Tip #5: Sign up for HESI review sessions.

Review sessions can be found at universities, hospitals or on-line. Most review sessions will cost money, but will be a good investment towards a nursing career. They will specifically cover the knowledge and skills needed to pass the HESI nurse exam.

HESI Exam Study Tip #6: Use NCLEX study materials.

The HESI nurse exam is used to prepare students for the NCLEX. Because of this, study guides for this test are safe to use as supplements to HESI nurse exam study materials. The study tips in these materials can be used as HESI test tips, as well. NCLEX study materials can be found in book stores or on-line.

HESI Exam Study Tip #7: Learn basic test-taking skills.

Use answer elimination techniques on multiple choice questions, which are common on the HESI nurse exam. Learning how to answer multiple choice questions will increase the chances of choosing the right answer. Test takers should read the question, then try to come up with the right answer without first reading the choices. This should help clarify which answer is correct. College tutoring centers can provide one-on-one help with test taking tips.

HESI Exam Study Tip #8: Don’t rely on an advanced calculator.

Proctors do not allow test takers to bring their own calculators when taking the HESI nurse exam. Nursing students should learn how to do the required math by hand. Students should practice this math until they understand it and can perform it in a reasonable amount of time. This HESI test tip will keep exam takers from spending valuable time trying figure equations. If the testing center provides a basic calculator on the computer, it will come as an added bonus.

HESI Exam Study Tip #9: Join a study group.

Studying with other nursing students will provide a support group for HESI test takers. This support group will understand the difficulty and pressure of passing the HESI nurse exam. Each person in the group will represent a different base of knowledge each student can use to prepare for the HESI nurse exam.

HESI Exam Study Tip #10: Take care of mind and body.

It is important to get a good night’s sleep and eat nutritiously while studying for the HESI nurse exam. This will provide a more focused concentration and a sharper memory. Avoiding stress as much as possible will also have the same benefits.

There are a wealth of materials to aid students in passing the HESI nurse exam. They just need to find the combination of HESI exam study tips that work best for them. With the proper amount of time and dedication, studying for the HESI nurse exam will pay off.