Continuing Teacher Education Online: Expand Your Options

Continuing Teacher Education Online: Expand Your Options

As a teacher, you are required to take coursework to maintain your certification and may be required to take specific classes, or pursue an advanced degree, by your school district. Finding the time to attend traditional university classes can be difficult. Taking online teacher continuing education classes may be the answer to your problems.

Continuing education courses are offered in wide of subject areas from core classes to advanced subjects. For those considering seeking certification in multiple areas, beginning with methods classes provide a solid base and allows you to improve your marketability as a teacher for any grade level. With current trends of decreased enrollment in American schools, preparing for a change in assignment provides some assurance of job security for the future.

For others, pursuing advanced classes, or new technology within their subject area, keeps them on top of their game and provides current best practices for the classroom. Earning a second degree often warrants an increase on the pay scale.

Online courses can be taken at any time, providing flexibility in scheduling and eliminating the need to travel long distances just to attend class. Some online institutions provide continuing education course for teachers in condensed courses that provide the same information and coursework as a typical semester but are completed within a few weeks. Although the course work is rigorous and does require planning to allow time for study and class participation, these modules make it easy to complete a class during school breaks without commuting to weekly classes throughout the entire school year.

School districts typically provide funding for continuing education for teachers. Online courses are no exception and generally accept third party payment without issue. Many now provide online digital texts that you are required to purchase. Because the digital version is often designed specifically for the class, purchasing a less expensive version elsewhere is often impossible. If your district does not fund texts, expect to pay an addition sum for access to the digital text.

Although scheduling is flexible for online classes, deadlines for assignments typically are not. Due to the high volume of students and the number of courses taught, online instructors rarely make exceptions to late work. If taking classes in condensed modules, be prepared to complete a semester’s worth of work within a few weeks.

Schedule online continuing education courses during school breaks or summer vacation if possible to eliminate conflicts between school related duties and the time required to complete the course.

Online continuing education classes aren’t for everyone, but they are a cost effective and time saving alternative for busy teachers who have difficulty attending traditional university classes or to find that difficult to find a class you’ve been dying to take.