Why Windshield Should Be Replaced Properly?

Although this may sound like a rare incident, there are cases when people die due to improperly replaced windshield. This could be caused by lack of experience, ignorance, negligence or simply laziness of the glass technicians. Windshields are intended to protect us, instead of harming us. As an example, the windshield should be durable enough that the roof is partially supported by our windshield when the car accidentally rolls over. The windshield should also stay in place if we are affected by head on crashes. The flying debris should be kept outside and won’t harm the car occupants.

During a crash, windshield could be dislodged, injuring the occupants more seriously than the force of impact itself. Many car owners don’t think about this possibility and by ensuring that the windshield is installed properly, we could ensure the future of our family. We should also need the help of experts to make sure that we get quality results for our works. There are things that we need to consider to further protect ourselves. As an example, we should make sure that we are working with certified and trained technicians. Many people try to get quick buck from the windshield installation job without focusing on the safety factors. The technician should be properly trained and get quality certification. Professionals would try to establish good reputation by offering high quality works, so we should make sure that we are dealing with such an individual.

Installing windshield shouldn’t take too long and it is important for us to observe the actual installation process. It means that we can make sure that the technician won’t scratch the metal parts of our car as they are removing the old glass and installing the new one. Windshield should be taken fresh from the package and it should be pristine in condition. They should wear rubber gloves to improve grip and prevent the glass from get stained. After the windshield is installed, we should get proper instructions on humidity, temperature and time factors that we need to consider. It is also important that the technician provides warranty, in case the windshield has water or air leaks, especially when we are driving at high speed or under heavy, torrential rain.

It is important to choose the proper windshield with the best quality. Our glass should be certified based on specific standards. It is a good idea to choose OEM windshields, because they are similar in quality and type to the original windshield of our car. Proper OEM products can be trusted, because they use the exact same standard. Cheap windshields could end up endangering us. During the night, glare from bright lights could literally blind us, causing us to swerve and hit a tree. Bad quality windshields could also get scratched easily when cleaned with cloths. Even if we unknowingly use rough dry cloth to wipe some dust, the windshield should be strong enough to resist scratching. With proper windshield installation and model, we should be able to ensure higher level of safety.