Why We Should Use Seat Belt?

Seat belt is an important safety factor for car owners and driving without seat belt could increase the risk of injuries. Many people would argue that seat belt isn’t needed in city environment with a lot of traffic jams. Although, this can be true, it is important that seat belt should be wrapped around people in the car. The government and the automotive industry have sponsored significant awareness campaigns. Through the years, car usages have climbed, so we should make sure that we are able to use the car properly. We should buckle up for safety because seat belts could really save lives.

Many friendly police officers have appeared in schools and public areas, explaining about the importance of wearing seat belts. There are countries with the lowest seat belt usages and there should be concerted effort from the government to appeal to any age group. Information about the importance of seat belts should be informed in the radio and newspapers to make sure that the level of safety could gradually improve. In general, it takes only a few seconds to buckle up and dead will be forever. If millions of people use seat belts, we could make sure that at least hundreds of lives can be saved each year.

The government may need to spend much money to start the advertising campaign about usages of seat belt. In the United States, safety belt use was under 60 percent in 1994 and rose to 80 percent after 2004. The additional usages of safety seat belt may save about 10,000 people each year, especially because 100,000 Americans are affected by traffic-related injuries each year. Without seat belt, we could have higher chance of getting killed and serious injuries far exceed the actual death. It means that we could only be some scratches and bruises, could become severe spinal damages that cause permanent debilitation.

With seatbelts, not only death that can be prevented, people could have less serious injuries during an accident. Many more injuries can be prevented with proper use of seat belts. In fact, many people could survive an accident virtually unscathed, because they use seat belts, even if their car has rolled over. Except for some shocks, these people are physically alright. Our decision of using seat belts should be related to our future wellbeing and more importantly, our survival. Obviously, we should also make sure that we have driven our car safely, so the actual accident can be prevented.

Today’s seat belts are more comfortable to use and they are perfectly adjustable. We should read the documentation of our car, so we could wear the belt properly. As an example, we should make sure that the belt isn’t used behind the head and under the arm. Proper seat belt usages should prevent injuries and guarantee survival. Good seat belt models should also allow us to have a range of good movements, especially when we want to reach and take something.