What To Do Before Cleaning Cooling System?

Car owners should flush the cooling system at least each year. This is necessary, because we could add plenty of chemicals into the cooling system. Accumulation could literally deteriorate the heater core and eating up the rubber hoses. There are things that we should consider before cleaning the cooling system. It is actually against the law to let coolants and other chemicals to reach the ground. Before we start, we should make sure that the engine is perfectly cold. It should be noted hot cooling system can be dangerous and cause severe burns. After this, we should remove the radiator cap.

Removing the cap should be the first step of cleaning the cooling system. In this case, we should make sure that it is important to remove the lower part of the hose. In this case, we need to use caution and we should make sure that we don’t break the radiator neck, because this could be a big no no. When flushing the system, we should make sure that the drain plug has been opened. We should be aware that both summer coolant and antifreeze are very toxic. We also should get both chemicals on our skin and body paint. If this thing happens, we should wash the solution with plenty of water.

Also, both chemicals can harm pets and children, so we should make sure that our working environment is safe. When we want to store excess chemicals, we should put it in a locked area. When cleaning the cooling system, we should look for the vent plug and it could located close to the thermostat housing and the housing should be the component where the upper radiator hose can be connected. By opening the vent, antifreeze or coolant could be emptied more easily. We should make sure to properly inspect the hoses and we should replace them if they seem to be swollen, especially close to the clamps.

This should be a good opportunity to check all the hoses. If they are too soft or too hard, we should replace them. This applies for both lower and upper radiator hoses. Some cars have bypass hose that connect the thermostat and water pump, it should also be checked. We shouldn’t be skimpy when checking car components. Small replacements can save a lot of money later. Clamps could also be worn out and we should replace them. Clip-type clamps are usually less durable and we should consider replacing them with the more reliable models. Many auto parts stores offer flush kits to quickly clean the cooling system.

We should properly read the instructions on how to use the flush kit, because improper usages could ruin the whole system. In some cases, we may need to completely remove the thermostat, because cool water may close it, which will restrict the flow. The next step is to turn constantly pour water to the radiator and watch the water spews constantly from the vent plug opening. In this case, we could turn on the car and let the engine idle. The water will circulate along the cooling tubing, flushing any rust particles and dirt.