Things We Should Know About Electric and Hybrid Cars

Like in many industries, the automotive market is affected by technological lifecycle. At first, there are ideas that are introduced by some people and after a few years or even, a few decades, they are available for mass production. A few years ago, cars still don’t have CD players and smartphone integration features. There are surely many improvements that can benefit us, as an example the 2006 Tesla Roadster that’s powerful enough to go from 0 to 60mph in just 4 seconds, but only cost us one penny for each mile. The Roadster is an all-electric car with 250-mile range with full battery charge. It takes only three hours to completely charge the battery, so we could simply plug in the car to the power source when we arrive home in the evening.

The 2006 Tesla Roadster offers about 135 mpg and the secret is its Lithium ion battery, the same kind of battery that’s used in our smartphones. The battery technology in car industry continues to improve and General Motors’ EV1 electric car now allows people to better enjoy electric cars. It also offers 250-mile range at very low cost. It does look cool that we are able to operate a car for a fraction of a dollar each mile. Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini also offer us many head-turners with the fully integrated system and futuristic designs. These new models are simply cars of the future. As an example, we could lock the car to valet mode with a top speed of 30mph when we are using the valet parking service.

These cars are available with integrated battery charger and they should be outfitted with other interesting features. If the computer system embedded inside the car isn’t agreement, the car can’t be operated normally for specific safety and reliability factors. The battery package is also protected by an armoured shell and it is self-regulating. Overcharging is effectively prevented by disengaging the charging system when the battery is topped off. This will ensure that the battery can be completely reliable.

It isn’t all about electric cars, we could also choose hybrid models. With hybrid cars, we can adjust our energy consumption and for each drop of oil we burn, we get the most of the energy. While all-electric cars like Tesla Roadsters are completely clean with zero emission, hybrids still produce some emissions, but they are obviously cleaner. Hybrids are simply a bridge that gaps dirty all-gasoline cars with the future all-electric models. It is obvious that eventually gasoline will be too expensive for average car owners to purchase. In this case, all-electric cars will be comparatively more efficient.

In hybrid cars, gasoline engine is smaller and there are also battery pack and electric motor, to operate the car during all-electric mode. Many experts have forecasted that we should cut back on our greenhouse emission to make the environment more sustainable. However, there are some alternative oil-based solutions and it is believed that bio-fuels will eventually become a cheaper alternative than all-electric models.