Things to Consider When Purchasing New Windshield

Glass is less flexible than metal and it can be cracked by debris and rocks. Most of the time, we could successfully repair the windshield and it isn’t necessary to spend too much time and money repairing it. If we don’t quickly repair the windshield, it is possible for cracks to spread and making a complete replacement necessary. Windshield replacement is one area that can be avoided properly when we have performed specific tasks. There are technicians who are specialized in fixing cracks and chips on windshield. Reputable professionals and companies shouldn’t use the bait-and-switch sales method.

Many professionals could actually try to exaggerate the problem, suggesting us that a complete replacement is necessary. In fact, repairs can be performed for light and medium damages, instead of completely replacing the windshield. However, we could actually need to replace the windshield if the problem is serious enough. There are things that we need to consider when we are planning to replace the windshield. As an example, we should be aware that windshields don’t always have similar quality. Aftermarket windshields could be more brittle and thinner, so they will break more easily.

Also, it is possible that the cheaper, aftermarket windshield will deduct from the overall value of our car when we are planning to sell it. Each non-original component that we have in our car could reduce the overall value, no matter how much we spent our money to improve the car. We should check the windshield for a tag and this could identify the manufacturer, as well as the quality of the glass. Windshield is an important safety component of our car and it could help to restrain our family from being thrown out of the car during an accident. Only good quality windshield can maintain its structure and rigidity after being subjected to intense impacts.

Windshield should also be durable enough that it could support the roof of our car during a rollover. It is important to know that we can’t safely drive the car after a new windshield is installed. It will take some amount of time before the adhesive used to attach the windshield could set up properly. This could take one day to one week, depending on the type of adhesive used. The colder and wetter the weather, the longer it takes for adhesive to set up, but it could be faster in drier and warmer weather. Also, we should make sure that we don’t drive the car on rough surface after installing the windshield, because it could shift slightly.

.After installing our new windshield, it is important to properly notify the insurance provider. Although the insurer couldn’t direct us to specific shops, they will try to make sure that we are using quality windshield. If we choose aftermarket windshield, it is possible that we will get higher premiums; but if we don’t report it, it will be very difficult to obtain the claim after an accident occurs.