Safety Features of Our Car

Car safety is an essential thing and it is believed that hundreds of thousands of people died each day in the United States alone. Driving is essentially a riskier way to transport people, compared to walking and even using airplanes. In this case, we should consider some important car safety techniques that could prevent unnecessary deaths. There are some car safety factors that we need to consider. As an example, headlights, turn signals and brake lights should be considered as important safety features of our car. In this case we should make sure that we are using them properly. If one of the bulbs has burnt out, we should replace it immediately.

Mirrors are also essential to ensure our safety and by properly aligning rear view mirror and side mirrors, we should be able to minimize or eliminate blind spots. We should be aware that with some cars, even if we have properly aligned the mirrors, there could still be some blind spots. This is something that we need to consider when we drive in reverse or change lanes. Seatbelts are necessary to reduce impacts when our car hit other objects. People also won’t be thrown out of the car, when it rolls over violently. Bumpers won’t protect our cars like a tank, but they should be able to prevent minor damages.

Airbags are often considered as essential safety factors for many cars. Many cars are also equipped with curtain airbags and side airbags. This safety mechanism is intended to protect our head during a collision. However, we should be aware that airbags themselves can be dangerous to people when deployed, especially for children. In this case, we should make sure to read the owner’s manual, before we place children near airbags. Antilock braking system or ABS is an essential mechanism to quickly stop our car and shorten the braking time. When the tire is locked, we could eventually lose traction.

Cars with four-wheel drive are often considered safer, because power is distributed to all wheels. Also, we may need to choose cars with four wheel steering, because we are able to drive more accurately and faster at higher speeds on the highway. These are items that we need to add to many cars these days and they should become significant considerations. There are also essential features like lane departure warning system, dynamic steering response, traction control, inboard brakes, directional headlights, electronic stability controls and others. Obviously, even if our cars are equipped with many of these features, it doesn’t mean that we can drive entirely carefree.

When we are driving, we should be completely sober and we need to wear our seatbelts. We shouldn’t on the cellphone when we are driving the car. Our attention should be on the road and other cars, instead of our friends on the line. With less attention to the road, it is possible that we will be affected by an accident. We should always think of possible escape routes, especially because accidents could happen suddenly in front of us.