Repainting Cars on Our Own or in Shops

When planning to paint our car in local shops, we should get at least 2 or 3 quotes. This should allow us to properly compare prices and check the quality of each shop. We should check each shop for cars that have been painted and review their works. We should look for excessive overspray and uneven results. It is a good idea if the shop insurance their work without significantly increasing the prices. We should know the types of cars that these people could work on. If the shop only sprays old conventional cars, then they may not be qualified enough to repaint more expensive models.

We should talk with the shop manager and it is important to thoroughly assess our options. They should be able to clearly explain their pricing and services. We should be clear on things that they can do. As an example, we should make sure that they properly spray primer and scuff existing paint. If we plan to change the color of our car, we should make sure that the shop handle the underside of the hood, trunk area and door jambs properly. We should get proper instructions on how to take care of the fresh paint. As an example, the car paint should be cured for specific amount of time, before we can wash it and let it exposed under the sun.

After we are clear about the overall works, it is important to get clear price quotes from the shop. We should know how much money and time needed to complete the repairs. We should be aware that the overall costs may add up quickly if we want the shop to perform additional jobs. So, it is generally better if we are able to perform the painting tasks on our own. Timing is also essential when choosing shops, because busy paint shops would require longer time to complete the task. In this case, we should consider to properly paint the car on our own. In fact, painting our own car can be a much more affordable option.

However, many people argue that it is difficult to fully prepare our car and we should shoot the paint properly. If there’s no dependable shop, we could achieve better job for less amount of money. However, painting our car may require an expensive and steep learning curve. We should know that laying down a consistent and even coat of paint could take significant practice. Painting equipment may not be cheap and if possible, we should borrow these equipments. We may need to buy catalysts, reducers, clear coat, color coat and primer. These products should be affordable and we could achieve the most affordable paint job possible.

As an example, we should borrow a large compressor, preferably the 60-gallon variety with motor more powerful than 5Hp. It is important to have two decent paint guns, one for color and another for primer. We also need to rent a paint booth, but we could also seal up our garage when painting our car.