Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Facelift Vs Hyundai Verna Comparison Review

Hyundai Verna
Hyundai Verna

Hyundai Verna becomes the king of the market when it launched with the compact and elegant segment. This car was launched in late 2017 and the car taken place its then rivals. Honda city and original Maruti Suzuki Ciaz   is with the different victorious. Toyota fails enough to pip the verna to its to spot and also Maruti Ciaz facelift updated with the new and trendy exterior and new interior and also new petrol engine to take the great support once again .  Both Hyundai Verna and maruti Suzuki Ciaz facelift has three box sedans of conventional size which follow as sort of similar overall design and it pulled with the sharp headlamps and also has horizontally stacked with the tails lamps.

 Of the course, there are different with each other. In the part of the Verna has different in the part of your face such look with the new grille and Ciaz is small amount of the restrained. But the updates on the various Ciaz facelift really which assist to work very well. It has designed grille and front bumper and also has car which has sportier stance and also more trouble free to handle in the fine manner.

 Each and every cars has set of the LED day time which run light as well as the projector headlamps during the headlamp and also fog lamp on verna which has standard fluorescent with the yellow bulb but the Ciaz has all LED setup in a fine manner. the verna car make the look with the tad bit due to the fog lamps in a fine manner and fact that you fails to do better changes aftermarket and get them as factory fitted standard is to step in the right direction.

 At the time of the of the While Verna pips , the ciaz in terms of major features and Ciaz fight back and also build with the comfortable Interior space . It has larger car with the longest with the wheelbase and which does show. When you come space s, it has large spacious with the part of the elbow room and also rear leg space on the Ciaz has lot and much more Verna. Verna is too smaller car in the comparison in the part of the rear space and also builds with the segment in a fine manner.

 Here the maruti suzuki Ciaz has get new petrol engine with the power of the A 1.5 liter and older 1.4 liter unit. Then it has 103 bhp of peak power and also 138 Nm of peak torque support and also has the 5 speed automatic speed transmission. When you come to the Verna, the engine has 1.4 litters which deliver the 99 horsepower and you can find out the other option of the 1.6 liter with the 120 Bhp. it is same as the Ciaz of 5 manual speed supports so it will be more comfortable for the customer to go and pick best car. When you compare the above things, then you can collect ideas to choose best option for the customer.