Diesel Engine : Unveiling Facts About Structural Parts

The list of main parts of any diesel engine includes structural parts and running parts and systems. In this article, premium diesel engine parts manufacturers will unveil some facts about main parts of diesel engine.

Let’s get started-

Structural parts are made to serve purposes like-

  • Structural parts help in supporting running parts
  • Structural parts keep the running parts in position and line.
  • Structural parts offer jackets and passages for lube oil, cooling water, and sumps
  • Structural parts act like protective casing for running parts
  • Structural parts support auxiliaries like camshaft, valves, turbo blowers.

Manufacturers intend running parts for sole purpose-

  • To convert the combustion power in the cylinders to mechanical work

Systems are made to serve purposes like-

  • Air supply
  • Exhaust removal
  • Lubrication
  • Turbocharging
  • Cooling
  • Fuel supply and injection

Do you know which structural parts are used in diesel engine?

The list of structural parts includes bedplate, engine cylinder block, frame or column, cylinder liners, cylinder head or cover. Let’s discuss them in more detail.

  • Bedplate

Bedplate is a foundation on which the engine is designed. Engineers have to make bedplate more rigid to support the engine and hold the crankshaft that sits on the bearing housing. Also, they need to make it flexible to hog and sag with the foundation plate attached with it and which creates part of the ship structure.

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  • Frame

Frame is a load carrier employed in the engine. Engineers may use parts like cylinder block, base, end plates and sump for intending frames of diesel engine. These frames are at times known as A-frames in two-stroke engine.

  • Cylinder block

Cylinder block is also known as engine block. It is a part of engine frame that is employed inside to support the engine cylinder liners, crankshafts, and heads. Engineers craft the cylinder blocks with castings and plates that are welded horizontally and vertically to provide rigidity and strength.

  • Cylinder head

It is also known as cylinder cover. Four-stroke engine cylinder head intakes and exhausts valves, air starting valve, fuel injection valve, safety valve.

All the details shared in this post are intended with the purpose to make you understand about structural parts used by engineers to build diesel engine. You can source efficient components from diesel engine parts manufacturers available in your town or local market.