5 Facts About Ford 6-Speed Powershift Automatic Transmission

5 Facts About Ford 6-Speed Powershift Automatic Transmission

Among a lengthy list of automotive advancements done from Ford, the all new PowerShift 6-Speed Automatic transmission is making headlines because of the changes it could bring the experience of driving and maintaining a Ford Vehicle.

Till a few years back transmissions, were broadly divided into two categories: manual and automatic. But Ford wanted to fuse the best of both worlds in their latest gearbox. With a 6-Speed Powershift Automatic Transmission one gets the feel of a sportiness and efficiency of manual transmission that gives you the relief from the operations that you get from the automatic ones.

1. What Is A 6-Speed Powershift Automatic Transmission

As defined by the Herrin Ford dealer, the PowerShift 6-Speed Automatic Transmission can be said to be the result of two parallel manual transmissions that work in tandem that gets combined through a dual-clutch mechanism that can create similar effects to that of an automatic transmission.

2. How It Works

The 6-speed PowerShift automatic transmission has a dual-clutch design in which two separate 3-speed transmissions work together parallelly while each of the two clutches gets to control three of the forward gears. The transmission start engaging the next gear automatically in the sequence of anticipating a shift. Therefore, gear changes become quicker and smoother as the power delivery remains to be seamless, in both the events of acceleration or deceleration.

3. Power With Efficiency

This kind of transmissions are consistent of precisely controlled tiny clutch slippage system that keeps noise at bay and vibrations lower. Neutral idle disconnects the transmission from the engine when idling to help save on fuel, even if it’s in gear.

A wide gear ratio span provides torque in lower gears and two overdrive gears reduce engine rpm at highway speeds, also adding to fuel efficiency.

4. Cost Effective Design

The Ford 6-Speed Powershift Automatic Transmission looks nothing different than the basic automatic transmission. The only noticeable feature in it is a little button that toggles on the knob, that allows the driver to take more control of the vehicle that makes it ideal for taking turns and driving through the winding hilly roads.

The dry clutch design helps in cost savings in comparison to the traditional torque converters as it can effectively eliminate the extra weight and cost of the converter, the oil cooler, internal pump, and all regular transmission fluid checking and refilling.

5. Built To Ensure Longevity

The oil used for 6-Speed Powershift Automatic Transmission in ford vehicles are specially-developed, ensuring lower viscosity that is easier to lubricate the gears and bearings. In addition to this, the PowerShift transmissions are fully sealed for the entire life span and are engineered make them to last for more 10 years or covering a distance of 240,000 kms. As the Ford dealer serving Herrin describes it, the best part of these transmissions is that they require almost zero maintenance.

The Bottom Line

There’s nothing like driving a standard vehicle and feeling the immediate responsiveness based on switching gears. Available on the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta, the PowerShift 6-Speed automatic transmission allows for the best of both world with the performance feel of a manual and the convenience of the automatic transmission.