2018 Genesis Essentia: The Concept Behind

Genesis took the automobile market by storm with its new concept of sports coupe, calling it the Essentia. This all-electric GT car, the Essentia could be categorized as special because of its multiple electric motors all working together within a lightweight frame, made up of carbon-fiber monocoque. It has been estimated to give a speed of zero-to-60-mph time in 3.0 seconds. But the excitement doesn’t end here. Rather it carries on with loads of uniqueness one can observe from almost every part of it.

The Exterior

The first noticeable thing as shared by the Riverside County Genesis dealer, about this concept car is its style that has a unique exterior wearing the look of a classic sports car by wearing a longer hood than usual and a rear-swept cabin. If you take a look around the sides, its flat nose in alignment of lengthy sloping rear glass would remind you about cars like Jaguar F-Type or the elite Aston Martin DB11.

But the perspective would start changing dramatically, when you observe the hood that allows you to get a glance of the carbon-fiber chassis and all the elements that are placed at the front pushrod suspension.

Take a step ahead and peep in through the front grille where you can find the nose cone that looks so much alike the Formula One car helping the route air to pass the through the airy bodywork.

The integrated headlights using laser technology are perfectly in tune with the taillights, with a similar design. A rear diffuser peeks out quite prominently from the rear and crawls up near the rear bumper. The pair of butterfly doors adds up to the spice.

The Interior

Once you get inside, the Essentia would give you a sigh of relief with its minimalistic approach of placing things. With only a few buttons and switches between the front passengers manage the entire show. The dashboard is covered with multiple screens, to establish a strong communication between the information gathered and the actions to be taken on its basis. Essentia has subscribed to all the relevant connectivity features to keep the car updated and some of them are advanced enough to even able to understand the mood of the driver.

The Magic of Aerodynamics

Starting off with a new aero concept of dividing the car into two parts- the cockpit and the body panels, the Genesis Essentia has underlined its anti-aggressive, non-wedging attitude adding up a lot of well-balanced movement. Through a non-existent solid hood though the see-through piece between the front fenders makes it easy to keep a watch at the suspension pushrods that are placed below the transparent panel.

The Winding Thought

The Genesis Essentia as shown to us by the Genesis dealership, appears to be more of a sports car, with a real steering wheel doing the hard job of navigating the vehicle through the toughest of road conditions. The Genesis Essentia is still in the stage of a concept that is yet to hit the Genesis dealers and the chances are there for the Hyundai automakers to make it to showrooms some time around 2022-23. Till then we all have to wait to see it ride on the roads.