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  • Schools trial police-style body cameras

    Teachers at two British schools are trialling the use of police-style body cameras to help maintain discipline, a survey has revealed, prompting a civil liberties group to warn that teachers could be turned into snoopers. The Times Educational Supplement survey said the experiment comes as over one-third of a sample of over 600 teachers said […]

  • School bullying linked to poorer academic achievement

    Not only does bullying at school affect students’ emotional and social lives, it also directly affects their schoolwork and engagement in the classroom, suggests a U.S. study. Students who faced bullying for much of their time in school had the greatest risk of low achievement and engagement, researchers found. And kids who were victimized only […]

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  • Erase All Kittens

    The game that saves kittens and teaches coding

    It’s an increasing problem for parents trying to make sure their children have the skills they will need for a 21st Century economy. What skills will they need? Specifically, how will they learn the key language of the future, coding, and be prepared with the skills for life beyond school? Erase all Kittens (E.A.K.) helps make […]

  • Parenting skills for dads offer better school readiness for children

    A reading program designed to help men become better fathers is associated with better parenting skills as well as behavior and learning improvements in kids, a study suggests. In the study, researchers focused on fathers and kids at Head Start centers in New York City, where programs are designed to improve school readiness for children […]

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    5 Tools to Help Evaluate Sources in a World of Fake News

    Whether you call it “fake news”, “misinformation” or the more innocuous “spin,” and whether you see this as an entirely new problem or the continuation of an already existing problem (think “War of the Worlds,” “Yellow Journalism” and “Dewey Defeats Truman”), one thing is clear: there is a powerful and pressing need to prepare our […]

  • Virtual reality gaming a hit in gym class for ‘problem’ children

    Kids with behavioral problems may do better in school when they get to play virtual-reality games on stationary bikes instead of participating in traditional gym class activities, a small study suggests. At a school for kids with behavior disorders, researchers offered 103 students seven weeks of so-called “cybercycling” during either the fall or spring semester. […]

  • Coding schools aim to fulfil tech demand

    As demand grows for computer programers in the technology job sector, accelerated programs to teach coding is a booming industry. But these largely unregulated schools are shrouded in controversy, with many questioning if an intensive course prepares people as effectively as obtaining a traditional degree in computer science. Ben Gruber reports: