two comedians made video clickbait wont believe happened next

These two comedians made a video about clickbait – and you won’t believe what happened next

… Actually, you will believe it. Those of you who have been suckered in to the click bait ‘news’ sites which followed in the wake of Buzzfeed, Upworthy et al, will be well aware of the empty feeling that follows.

The emotional blackmail, the fake titillation, the broken promises and the sheer, industrial-level cynicism are all here in this (UK) Channel 4 video from ‘Chris and Pete’ who expertly, and comically , dissect the way this dross is constructed.

Watch this video – it will change your life. Or not.


Written by Jimmy Leach

Jimmy Leach is a digital consultant, working with clients in the UK, USA and UAE. And places which spell out their names properly too.

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