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Impress your barista by ordering these 9 types of coffee

Ever walked into your local coffee shop and stared at the big menu only to discover you are overwhelmed and think most of the drinks sound very similar? There’s actually a lot of minutiae and differences between each drink that you should know. Lucky for you, this visual guide helps you understand the various types of coffee you should know about to impress your barista on your next java run.

For example, did you know the difference between the most basic drinks: an espresso versus a latte? Do you know which has steamed milk?

Do you know what a doppio is? I personally haven’t seen this on a menu at any nearby coffee shops here in southern California but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t sound good. I would love an espresso topped off with MORE espresso! Who knew it had such a silly-sounding but somehow awesome name?

Lucky for you, there’s a fabulous printable guide to coffee drinks for sale on Etsy. The image is embedded below.

Print centered & sized at 8″ x 10″

Print sized at 8.5″ x 11″

Prints can be printed also at 11×14″ -$23.00, and 13X19″-$27.00

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