this is the incredible new space taxi elon musk just unveiled at spacex

This is the incredible new ‘space taxi’ Elon Musk just unveiled at SpaceX

Move over Apple, Steve Jobs, and Tony Stark. Elon Musk is picking up the thrown gauntlet when it comes to innovative design, life-changing technology, and keynote addresses.

In today’s announcement in Hawthorne, CA – home of SpaceX – Musk announced the ‘Dragon V2′ spacecraft which now lets NASA potentially (emphasis on potentially) ferry up to 7 astronauts per craft up to the International Space Station (ISS).

I’m not an expert – but the fact that it can land on LAND and not just the ocean is amazing. It uses new ‘Draco Thrusters’ which are eye-poppingly powerful. Musk says the spacecraft can land with just a single of these thrusters. That’s just madness.

There is a competition going on right now between Boeing and SpaceX for the business of NASA to transfer astronauts, supplies, and resources back and forth into space.

Time to form a line for joining Starfleet Academy.

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