Why iPhone Apps Are Safer Than The Apps On The Android Market

I cannot begin to explain the process in which apps are created but I can explain how they are published and the steps that are taken to ensure that the app is secure and work correctly. iPhone and Android have a war going on between each other which turns out pretty well for the average app developer as he has two platforms available to market his app on. The difference between the two? iPhone is almost impossible to market on, why is that? Let’s take a look at Jane.

Why iPhone Apps Are Safer Than The Apps On The Android MarketJane works for a company that decided to make an app. It was her job to develop the app and ensure that they work on Android and iOS operating systems. Once the app was developed she had to get them certified first before starting to market the apps. Jane went to Google play and created an account; once the membership fee was paid she was able to submit an app that was available on the Android market in a week.

However when Jane expected the same easy road with apple she was surprised to discover that once she submitted the app for testing she received a list of changes and flaws in the design. The process was repeated until Jane finally created an app that met Apple’s standards. The difference here is that Google play is easier to market your apps so for the app developers, this is the best platform but for the users, this is the easiest way for your phone to be infected.

Without the correct testing and the best protection put into place the result is a flimsy app that can be broken by a simple virus. If the user does not have a good anti-virus on their phone this will lead to a hardrive is being fried or multiple documents being lost. Apple has put these procedures in place to protect their users and although Android has proved that they should be the new leaders in the market, they cannot seem to overtake Apple.

Why iPhone Apps Are Safer Than The Apps On The Android Market

The minor flaws in Android make the phone unsafe and easily accessible to hackers and viruses. Although iPhone is mildly annoying due to the fact that you cannot simply copy and paste music or connect to a blackberry via Bluetooth, the reason for that is now obvious. You won’t hear someone say their iPhone has a virus. The reason is the security Apple has put into place to ensure that no viruses are passed to the iPhone. It’s ingenious.

Rigorous testing ensures all connections are safe. There is no need for an anti-virus app on your iPhone as you won’t be exposed to the viruses like Android users. If you have an Android phone I suggest you download an anti-virus as soon as possible or better yet sell it and buy an iPhone. iPhones are simpler and easier to use then Android phones and also set a standard of security that surpasses all Android phones. The apps are filled with loop-holes that make infecting your phone easier.

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