Useful iPhone Apps To Make Your Leisure Time Enjoyable

There are many reasons to own and use an iPhone, the flagship Smartphone from the Cupertino based technology giant. Apart from its stellar looks and ease of use that has got millions hooked to the device, people prefer it for support for multitude of apps. The Apps available in App Store can be bought and used by users. There are apps to suit needs of every user, in both free and paid variants. While productivity and entertainment apps are used by many iPhone users you may also gain by using apps made for enjoying leisure period and vacations. Below listed are few apps for iPhone that you can utilize to enjoy your holiday and vacations.

Useful iPhone Apps To Make Your Leisure Time Enjoyable

Oh Ranger! Parkfinder

This free iPhone app lets you locate parks in adjacent regions and this includes both local and national parks. This can be a boon for nature lover iPhone owners who want to spend a few days away from maddening crowd when they get the chance! It can be dubbed as your detailed virtual guide to parks and outdoors. You may also look for parks where you can take part in your favorite holiday activity such as boating or fishing. After you locate a park, this app offers you insights on its origin, activity descriptions and authority contact details. This app fits the bill for city dwellers who do not venture into wilderness much but gen the chance would love to do so.

Beach Locator

When you head for a seaside destination you surely have plans for enjoying the days lying on sprawling sandy land, enjoying the cool breeze, gazing at the gentle waves. Unfortunately not all sea beaches are like that. In any seaside tourist cities, you can find popular beaches overtly crowded and chaotic. That is where Beach Locator comes in handy. You can find all types of information on a beach you want that is listed in its database. It covers beaches in many popular tourist destinations like Cyprus, Turkey, Greece and Egypt.

History Here

This iPhone app, which comes for free, helps users get facts on a place they are visiting easily. Those who love to learn about culture, tradition and heritage of a place they want to visit can benefit from this app immensely. You also get useful maps and images of the location along with the information. The app covers thousands of places in the USA. Users can also watch video footages for some places like Willis Tower in Chicago.

SnappyCam Pro

It is unlikely that you go to a vacation and return without taking plenty of snaps, given the superior imaging capability of the iPhone.  However, there are some users who do not feel entirely happy with default camera app provide by Apple. There are plenty of imaging and editing apps that you can get at the App Store. If you are fond of capturing things like wildlife, kids, objects in motion then SnappyCam Pro may fit your bills well. It is not free but for $0.99 you get the worth of your money. The app is based on an advanced image signal processing system derived from years of research. With this app, you can capture images at least 4 times quicker than default camera app in iPhone 5. SnappyCam Pro also offers 6x zoom for getting close to subjects.


This app, as per claims of the maker can make iPhone users creative. Its Voice Picture feature will let you voice tag any photo that you take in vacations. The images with voice caption can be shared in social media sites too. The app also has auto enhance feature to improve picture quality.

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