Top AI Trends To Gain Attention In 2021

Top AI Trends To Gain Attention In 2021

Artificial Intelligence is being the preeminent one to solve complex problems and automate the mundane task.

Without a doubt, we interact with Artificial Intelligence on a day-to-day basis in some form or the other.  For instance: smart-phones, spam filters, home devices, smart personal assistants and many more.

Due to more and more adoption,artificial intelligence is already disrupting business processes in every industry domain.

As Artificial Intelligence is executed in a wide array of applications, 2020 is the golden age of AI. While 2019 witnessed, number of applications, platforms, tools based on Artificial Intelligence; what’s the future and predictions of AI in 2021?

While evaluating the case studies, statistics, research papers, etc. we came across the few trends that can make a mark in 2021.

Let’s zero down some of them:

Deep learning to gain more attention

Deep Learning is a machine learning technique that acts as a human brain in huge data processing to drive decision making. Known as an artificial neural network, it improves the functionality by learning from experience.

It is the fundamental technology in recognizing stop/start signs in driver-less cars, controls voice on devices like phones, TV, and tablets etc.

According to the market watch, The Global Deep Learning Market is anticipated to reach USD 28.83 Billion and expand at a CAGR of 48.4% during the forecast period of 2018-2023.

This artificial intelligence technology is gaining importance among organizations to improve performance, accuracy, and identify risks.

The adoption of deep learning capabilities has grown in recent years and we may witness the rising demand in 2021 for the better tomorrow.

Facial Recognition is making a breakthrough

Looking forward to 2021, Facial Recognition technology is expected to grow at a rapid pace mainly due to current pandemic situation .

It uses biometrics to map facial features form photographs or video and compares the information with the database for the perfect match.

Facebook is already using a Deep face program to tag friends, family in the photo. iPhone users already aware of Facial Recognition as they have access to embedded Face ID options From unlocking the phone to making payments, our interaction with Facial recognition technology is surging day-by-day.

This next-generation technology can be used in healthcare, retail, aviation, personalizing customer experience for biometric identification. We may further see more advancement in Facial Recognition Technology in coming years.

AIOps is getting in the groove

AIOps or Algorithmic IT operation platform is a practice to solve complex IT issues, provide enhanced insights and automate the tedious task by utilizing AI and ML algorithms.

Due to the current complexities in IT operations, teams need to handle tons of event alert every-day, monitor the operational tasks, metrics and other IT issues. This can result in tedious, annoying, and time-consuming at times. By implementing AIOps in the organization, it can proactively handle the situation, monitor performance, reduce alerts, drive faster and better decision making and enhance the customer experience.

The demand for AI-based automation in the operation team is expected to rise in the coming years.

Robotic process automation will be refining the business process

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) refers to the software that uses AI and ML algorithms to automate a repetitive business process that includes transactional processing, financial services, calculation and maintenance of records etc.

It works in the same way as a human does- such as checking the forms, correcting the data to make calculations, updating the spreadsheet, filling forms and so on.  It can reduce costs by automating the volume of repetitive tasks with no human error. With RPA, there is no need to modify the underlying business application.

Being used in various industry verticals, this technology is already gaining wide attention across the globe.

Increasing focus on Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is a promising AI-based trend in business that will play a big role in speeding up the task.

It solves complex calculations speedily than classic computers and this will help in processing leap of data in seconds to. It is because quantum computers use quantum bits to encode information rather than bits which is used by today’s computer.

As Artificial Intelligence depends on data to analyze the problem; quantum computers can classify the data precisely based on specific characteristics and patterns.

Google uses quantum computers which claim to process the data much faster than traditional computers. This can be considered as a major AI trend in 2021 as many organizations are looking forward to it in the emerging market.

Cyber Security is picking up the pace

As cyber-attacks continue to rise, AI is showing promising progress in preventing fraud, malware and other malicious activities.

The use of advanced AI tools helps in gathering and analyzing the range of data sets. These tools fetch the data from structured and unstructured data sources such as blogs, news, stories, and real-time logs to identify the threats. As more data gets generated, the result of these tools will become more precise than before.

Moreover, AI analysis just takes a few seconds to identify the malicious files, suspicious IP addresses etc enabling security professionals to respond to the threat much faster.

Due to the number of advantages, the future of using Artificial Intelligence in security holds the high potential and demand may surge in 2021 and beyond.

The convergence of AI and IoT

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things both are unique technologies in their own ways; what’s more captivating is the merger of both the technologies.

IoT and AI both are the superpowers of digital transformation; both need each other to make business smarter. While IoT deals with the machine to machine communication using the internet, sensors etc. to generate data, AI deals with the data generated from IoT devices to make it more actionable.

With IoT, you can locate, monitor and receive the alerts form the equipment, but to make more sense of that data and to gain deeper insights, it needs Artificial Intelligence.

Most of the popular organizations are already looking forward to using both technologies to increase their revenue. In the coming years, the focus will be more on connected intelligence and not just connected devices.

AI Tech Trends 2021: The Next-Gen Technology to Build Intelligent System

From the above Artificial Intelligence Trends, it seems that Artificial Intelligence will be more powerful in the year 2021. However, there will be a lot more challenges and problems to deal with. Researchers, Professionals, Experts will come up with the new innovations by leveraging the power of AI trends to optimize the operations and improve customer experience.

With modernization increasing at a rapid rate, it will be exciting to observe what 2021 has stored in.

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