Top 10 SEO Tips For The Beginners

The process which makes our web pages friendlier to the search engines is known as Search engine Optimization or SEO. It is done in order to get the relevant traffic to our website. If you are also seeking for a good traffic to your website then the best option for you is to hop on for good SEO. SEO is divided into two parts: On page SEO and Off page SEO. It can be a bit difficult procedure for the beginners, but here are some helping tips for all of the beginners.

Top 10 SEO Tips For The Beginners

  • Keyword Research:-
  • The very first important criteria of the SEO is the keyword research and that too in an optical manner. It is really important because it is the basic help for both, the search engine and the viewers for searching a relevant topic.

  • Keyword Density:-
  • The keywords should definitely be used in the past but this thing should always be kept in the mind that they should be used naturally. Excess use of keywords starts making your article or post looking like a spam. Your keyword density must be between 2-4%.

  • Link Building:
  • It is the most prominent factor of the SEO that will provide you the maximum amount of traffic. The more links that head towards your website are better. Here are some examples from where you can get links.

Add signatures in the forum posts and emails.

Use link farms or relevant directories.

Land for social bookmarking sites.

Use micro blogging sites.

  • Title Tags:
  • Title tag is the first thing that a user will see in the listings of the search engines and moreover it is one of the major impact of knowledge. It is the most important source of information that a search engine will use to tell people what your site is all about.

  • Page Optimization:-
  • Each page that is considered in our website should definitely have a unique title and tags, so that they all can be easily differentiated. This shows that unique titles are definitely needed but at the same very time the Meta description of 120 to 150 characters is also important.

  • Keep the Content Unique:
  • Nowadays it had become quite common that the bloggers are tracing the articles from other sites. But is not a genuine task, we can fool anyone but not Google. So, it’s better to use unique content every time.

  • Anchor Text:
  • For all the external links anchor text should be definitely used. We can make them unique and descriptive and relevant to the site that Google can easily trace out.

  • XML Sitmaps:-
  • The internet is crawled by the search engines using automated bots that are named as spiders. To simplify the job of the spiders XML Sitemaps are used and they even provide uniqueness to the web page.

  • No Broken Links:-
  • Before ending the post we should definitely check it out for the broken links or the dead links because they will be counted as links submitted and at the same very time they will turn out to be of no use.

  • Enhance Backlinking:-
  • The most important factor that affects the website is the backlinks. The more is the rate of the backlinks the more it will prove out to be beneficial for our web page.

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