Telecom Vendors Are Scooped Up By The Optimization Companies

The technology world is recently witnessing a considerable change in the mobile network optimization. Companies like, Amdocs that are looking for initiation in the technology business, the mobile network optimization is a good option to begin with. Amdocs currently purchased Actix for a sum of $120 million.

Telecom Vendors Are Scooped Up By The Optimization CompaniesHis transaction is not the only one in the mobile network industry. Arieso too was sold to JDS Uniphase in the month of March for a sum of $85 million. Amdocs followed the path of the latter in its acquisition of Actix, which basically keeps a watch on the performance of individual cellular phone, when enhancements are connected to the all day round. This enables the service providers to be informed about certain requirements of the user. The service providers come to know about the coverage and the capacity. In addition to this, the Actix also lets them know which software application and devices are performing in co-ordination with the cells. This technology is of dire need in the contemporary time. As without this telecom infrastructure, vendors will not be able to function.

The cell is therefore the place where the majority of the mobile industry depends.   There is not just one vendor who optimizes various features of mobile network.   The industry is fraught with players who will pounce on every opportunity that the situation provides. Ericsson purchased Optimi incurring high profit, according to market analysis. Similarly, Citrix Systems bought Byte Mobile. Prices of both the transaction are not revealed in the market. However, none of the four transactions could surpass the immense amount involved in the transaction of Intucell. Very recently, the technology giants are purchasing the optimization companies. Cisco Systems procured Intucell for $475 million immediately after the company closed a $6 million Series A.

The difference in the price of is the result of disparity in the quality of technology. The advanced technology of Intucell is unparallel and provides superior service compared to other rivals in the market. Intucell can respond to different network conditions. As soon as a particular part of the network fails to respond the advanced and inventive network, support ensures expansion and contraction of cells to overcome the technological error.

There are many companies in the market that are renowned for providing suck-modified version of cellular service. Mention in this connection must be made of Vasona Networks. It is known for receiving the back up of Bessermer. However, a close study will reveal that the two networks namely, Vasona and Intucell are different when it comes to the quality and the function of the cell. The chief function of Vasona is to shape the traffic that is inside the cell. Whereas Intucell gives a form to the size of the cell to support data requirement. An example will make the idea clear. Suppose there are 20 users, who are trying to stream film from the same tower. The tower is liable to be jammed. Vasona provides aid during such time. It customizes the speed and compresses the film so that all the users can use the identical airwaves.