Technological Impacts On Youngsters

Every era has experienced a subtle change in the technology. Without adapting the transition, which the technology imparts, people cannot hindrance their obsolete lives. Advent of a wheel was the earliest in road in the field of technology and after that, all other inventions are form of technological rise. Whether we start from infrastructure and move towards household gadgets, or whether we start from automobile industry to the latest crops and harvesting system, we will find technological inroads everywhere.

Types of Impacts

Like every other thing, technology also has two sides. The dark side, which we may call the negative side, is present and destroying the young blood both mentally and physically. However, at the same time positive angle is present too. The positive angle is usually comprised of those advantages, which the youngsters can extrude out of the technology and its advancements.

  1. Negative impact

Starting from the darker side, technology does have negative impact on young minds. If we move to decades behind, the students of high school and university level were not having that much excess to the highly complex gadgets. They had more time to invest in study and in the outdoor activities. Youngsters at that time were having more time to invest within their families and bonding was much stronger at that time. Physically, obesity is the major reason why most of the people put curse on the technology. Advent of mobile networking gadgets like palm tops, laptops, cell phones and video games have reduced the outdoor activities of the youngsters. By adopting 24/7 indoor activities, youngsters are losing their physical fitness. They are becoming victims of several diseases like heart problems, liver based problems, etc. As we know, a sound body possesses sound mind so when these technological impacts are creating so much miseries, how will they ensure that the person will still be possessing a strong mind?

Technological Impacts On Youngsters

  1. Positive impact

Like the negative portion, technology possesses positive attributes as well. The biggest of the attributes is the evolution of the world into global village. Today, you can call people at far distant place with the help of the cell phones and through internet communication channels like Skype; we can actually see the person sitting at other end. Even we can communicate with the help of social media like Facebook, Myspace, Google + and twitter etc which are very common among youngsters. This has created a very positive impact on the students, as they become part of online educational and vocational programs through these inventions.

If the youngsters take better advantage of the technology, they can actually improve their physical and mental abilities. Some of the youngsters are residing at hostels or flats and they do not usually have access to the grounds nearby. Therefore, with the treadmill machines and other such accessories, they can keep themselves fit. More over in the earlier era, students had to move to the libraries and had to make notes and assignments manually. Since the advent of internet, working schedules have become far more relaxed. People now invest some time on internet and by doing so; they manage to create large documents and presentations in no time. Thus, in nutshell, although negative attributes are present, yet the positive side has more worth.

Keep in mind that impact is always imposed on person on basis of usage, this means the way you think and the way you use, the device always impact you accordingly. For example, using laptop for information purpose is best but if you use it for chatting or some unnecessary time wastage reasons, you will be having problems for sure like you won’t be able to concentrate on your studies, your results would affect, and much more. Therefore, it always depends on the way of using technological advancement and results depend on that usage process.

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