Rev Up Your RSS Feed: Best Online Marketing Blogs To Follow

With all of the buzz about online marketing blogs making its way around social media these days, it can be easy to lose track of the most informative and authoritative voices while engaging with the hype. There are a fantastic group of bloggers, however, who excel at covering topics such as conversion, paid search, analytics, search engine optimization, and social media marketing in a way that is both accessible to new players in the field while exciting and challenging enough for even the most season SEO experts. Approaching many key themes in marketing and business, these blogs offer specific experiences in the marketing field while engaging those who might not deal with marketing on a daily basis.  Load up your RSS feed with fantastic online marketing blogs to stay on top of the trends in advertising, while learning the tips and techniques of the professionals that utilize them to generate increased traffic, sales, and profits.

Rev Up Your RSS Feed: Best Online Marketing Blogs To Follow
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Website Optimization: Rich Page Website Optimizer

Written by Rich Page, a “self-confessed website optimizer junkie,” this website incorporates his experiences as a conversion solution specialist for several top companies, including Disney, Adobe, Tesco, Skype, and Vodafone. His writing style is highly recommended as it is geared towards solutions and fixes – not just discussion of the key problems to avoid.

Search Engine Optimization Specialists: Blind Five Year Old

Written by AJ Kohn, Blind Five Year Old is a fun and informative blog that combines market innovations with and product development with fantastic search engine optimization tactics. If you are looking for new strategies for dealing with SEO – and appreciate some silly memes and jokes on the side – this blog will be a fantastic addition to your RSS feed.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Conversion Rate Experts

The articles on this blog are written by experts that have worked with major clients such as Apple, Sony, and Google – and their profitable approach has helped their fans and followers, just as their slogan suggests, “turn clicks into customers.” They also have tool kits available free for download for blog readers to get started on conversion rate optimization methods.

Statistics as Applied to the Field of Marketing: Unbounce

Of course, there are many other fantastic online marketing blogs on this topic that are worth exploration, yet many experts who seek a fresh approach to conversion rate optimization and landing page optimization enjoy the engaging style found on Unbounce. The writers are experts in converting hits to profits, and are eager to share their perspective mixed with a bit of sarcasm and good humor.

Smart Social Media Tactics: Social Blogging Tracker

Looking for key information about branding and how it applies to online marketing blogs? Social Blogging Tracker provides great advice about building your company’s image, and also gives some key details and updates when social media platforms make critical changes to their operations that can affect advertising tactics.

Interviews on Online Marketing: Blogcast FM

If you appreciate pod-casts and transcripts of fantastic interviews on the subject of online marketing, look no further than Blog-cast FM. Though they feature great short articles that can help you update your online marketing techniques, most Blog-cast FM fans enjoy listening to the podcast and calling in with questions to be answered on air.

Social Media Hacks and Branding Tips: Buffer

Is your approach all about the user experience, or are you looking to incorporate a new focus on user experience into your online marketing strategy? Writers Belle Beth Cooper and James Clear, who are connected with the Buffer app, share their expertise on how to not only make more user-friendly advertisements, but also how to hack other social media platforms and focus on customer happiness.