Pick Up A Paintbrush And Improve Your Communication Skills

In the month of New Year’s Resolutions, perhaps you have decided to take up a new hobby or simply to give yourself a little more ‘me time.’ Whatever your reason, painting could be the pastime you are looking for.

Art of any kind is a great release of self-expression and people of all backgrounds can benefit from putting pen or brush to paper and letting things flow.

The contrasts of light and colour can benefit people mentally and emotionally, even before they can express themselves well through more conventional language, and it is for this reason that painting can be so beneficial to children.

The National Society for Education in Art & Design was set up to promote the interests of art and crafts in education and to allow children to develop their own questioning skills and thinking ability.

Pick Up A Paintbrush And Improve Your Communication Skills

Painting Communicates When Words Aren’t There

Picking up a paintbrush and starting to create can deal with all sorts of negative emotions, such as sadness, anger or fear. They might be emotions that go unnoticed, or if they are noticed, mis-diagnosed as disruptive behaviour. Equally, they might be emotions that are not discussed because the ‘artist’ finds it too difficult, or perhaps even impossible if they are too young to talk – yes, painting really can help from such an early age!

Painting Leads To Conversation

On the other side, painting and art in general, can lead to increased dialogue. Talking about emotions through a picture can be less daunting, especially for very young children; it is less direct, and the focus can be the paper rather than the painter.

Painting gives people a channel to escape, allowing the painter time to think or just to create. It improves motor skills, but also improves self-awareness and awareness of those around, at the same time. Sharing images is a great way to develop confidence and imagination.


Creating is also about thinking. It gives time to reflect, but also it teaches us to evaluate our work, and to analyse. We develop a critical eye, but also an understanding of how to see several points of view, which has huge benefits on our ability to build relationships.

Another benefit of choosing painting as a hobby or method of stress-relief is that it is very easy to get basic supplies very cheaply. Poster paints and paper are readily available these days at the supermarket, even. Once you are ready to take your new hobby to the next level and get serious about it, it is worth investing in quality products. Somewhere such as Jackson ‘s Art Supplies is well placed to offer a great range of products, but also to offer advice.

Give it a try. There is no obligation to show anyone else, or even to look at pictures again yourself. Experiment with different media – water colours, acrylics, oil paint and so on. You’ll find that each behaves differently and you will soon develop a style and a favourite. Most of all though, enjoy it!