PDF WIZ: The Best PDF Converter that’s Truly Free

PDF is a well-known document format used everywhere. There are situations when you need to edit your document and unfortunately, PDFs aren’t editable. Therefore, it becomes important to convert the PDF file into a different format if you want to edit them. Converting PDF into Excel, PowerPoint or Word isn’t a straightforward process on Windows. That’s when the PDF converter role comes in to make the process easy.  The thing is that finding the right one is a challenging task as there are tons of PDF conversion tools available out there.

But, we have good news for you. You don’t have to search anymore as you have already found the best and completely free PDF converter  PDF WIZ.

PDF WIZ, developed by Starzsoft, is a 100% free PDF converter tool for Windows available on the internet. It does more than a simple PDF conversion.

Converting and editing PDF files has become an easy and simple task thanks to PDF WIZ.

What You Can Expect From PDF WIZ?

When it comes to features, PDF WIZ stands out from its counterparts. So, let’s give a glance at each and every feature that you can access for free.

  1. Converting PDFs to Other Formats

With the help of PDF WIZ, you can convert PDF files to various other file formats. The tool supports to convert PDF files to Microsoft Word files, PPTX or PPT slides, Excel spreadsheets, editable TXT files, HTML files, image formats (JPG, TIFF or PNG).

Wondering What’s more? You don’t have to worry about losing the data or corruption of data during the conversion.  The whole process is carried out smoothly and that’s one of the reasons behind the program’s popularity these days.

  1. Converting Other Files to PDF

There is no doubt that PDF WIZ will help you convert your PDF files to different formats. You’ll be glad to know that it can even help you to perform the cross conversion. In other words, you can convert word file (DOC or DOCX) to PDF files. Moreover, you can merge your multiple pictures into one PDF file. Whether the image is in the BMP, PNG, TIFF or JPG format, the program will help you convert it into one PDF file. This cross conversion feature of the program makes it more helpful in various situations.

  1. Let You Do Several PDF Operations

Now, it comes to more amazing additional features you’re going to explore in this free PDF WIZ tool. You can take advantage of this tool to easily merger multiple and different PDF files into one single file. Moreover, splitting one file into multiple files is no more hassle thanks to this tool. It comes with a powerful extractor that lets you extract images or pages from your PDF file.

What’s more? The tool comes with a compressor that can help you to compress the PDF files and as a result, reduce the size of your PDF file without compromising on the quality.

Last but not the least great feature it includes is password management that lets you either remove or encrypt passcode from your PDF files.

  1. No Possibility of Any Privacy Risk

The internet is full of different kinds of PDF converters that offer some incredible features, no doubt. But, the thing is that PDF WIZ is still a better option when it comes to privacy risks. With the PDF WIZ program, there is no need to worry about the safety or security of your files.

The tool works offline on your PC. In other words, there is a need to upload a document or file to any online service, instead you upload them offline. Ultimately, you save yourself from the hassle of losing your files to someone else.

  1. Get the Job Done in a Few Clicks

There are so many PDF converter tools available out there. But, if you’re looking for the one that can help you perform PDF conversion with no trouble, then PDF WIZ is the right choice for sure. The interface of the program is incredible so that no one likes to experience any hassle while using it. You don’t need any technical skills or knowledge to use the program.

With a few clicks of a button, you will get your PDF file converted in no time. All of its features are displayed on an easy-to-scan and large page. Moreover, each part is further divided up into subparts underneath, which helps you locate your desired feature you want to use.

  1. No Sign-up is required

There is no doubt that no one likes to experience the hassle of completing the lengthy registration. Isn’t, it right? You’ll be pleased to know that PDF WIZ requires no registration or activation to use it. That’s one of the biggest reasons why more and more people prefer using it.

As you can now see that PDF WIZ is a tool that worth a try. After all, it is completely free of cost. Not to mention that the program has no hidden charges. You can get the tool from its official website to try all amazing features yourself – converting and editing files with ease. Believe it or not…this is one of the finest tools that come quite in handy in several different situations, especially if you deal with a lot of documents on a regular basis.

Final Words….

Considering all the things about the PDF WIZ, it is not wrong to state that it is one of the best PDF converters that can guarantee that you get your PDF files converted in a hassle-free manner. The program requires no technical skill to use it and it comes with all the features needed for free.

So, it’s time to give a PDF WIZ try and see yourself how amazing it is when it comes to converting or editing PDF files.