New Feature In Android’s Jellybean

Android applications are getting more demand from day to day. Every day at least a new application is coming into existence for all the application lovers and are in a competition with other application developers. There are many application developers all over the world for Android and iOS operating systems. But, all the applications are not up to the views of the users. Some people like some applications and some other reject the applications due to the poor resources in the application. It all depends upon the graphical user interface of the application and the resources in it. But, applications when compared to iOS operating system are quite different to that of the Android applications. iOS applications are either available in free of cost or paid applications. But in Android, almost all the applications are free of cost but some are paid applications.

New Feature In Android’s Jellybean

A new feature was developed in the Android mobile operating system for Jellybean. Running Apps list is the new feature for Jellybean. This especially developed for the application users, because, when you swipe the application away, we are not sure what will happen to the application. It may either kill the application and background running services or even stop consuming your Random Access Memory. Hence, by using the Running Apps list application, your applications will be safe be even though if you swipe the applications away.

This Running App List will help the users to quit the application same as how you press the back button of your mobile. If you are running your mobile without the Running App list, then removing an application from the recent tasks will surely kill the task that is being run in the background and will not kill the application.

If you want to completely stop the application, one need to press on the application very long on the recent tasks, and then move to the application info and click on force stop. By using the Running Application list we can kill an android application. As soon as you perform the Running Application list , the application will not be allowed to run until or unless the application is explicitly requested to open.

If you directly kill or stop the application, then the entire data will be lost which you kept for processing. Whereas, if you use the Running Application list, one can choose to quit the application or to minimize the application very safe, without any crash of the application or without destroying the application features. Hence, it will be better if this Running application list is introduced in all the Android versions operating system because, currently it is only in Jellybean versions.