Most Popular Phone Case Designs and How To Create Your Own

Most commercial phone case designs, just like our modern smartphones, all look the same. Many people are nostalgic about how versatile our phones were a couple of years ago. Others are frustrated at their phone being mistaken for someone else’s.

Fortunately, although old mobile phone designs won’t come back, you can customize your phone case to make it stand out and give it a unique touch that will separate it from the rest and showcase your style.

Take, for example, the custom phone cases from Printful. Although some believe that customization is difficult or implies a specific artwork, it may not always be so. There are various online tools that printing websites provide to their customers to make their customization easier. Let’s look at some of the most popular phone case designs!

Photo Phone Case Design

You don’t necessarily have to create complex artwork for your phone case to make it stand out. Some of the most popular phone case designs imply a simple addition of an artistic photo.

Some people take fantastic photos indoors or outdoors and use them on their phone cases. Others can take some beautiful images online, edit them a little bit, and voila! You have a unique phone case design.

These popular phone case designs are easy to do, take little time and effort, and probably the hardest part will be to control your enthusiasm as your order arrives. Just choose a good printing website, photo, and you are all set to go!

Meme Phone Case Design

Perhaps among the most popular things in our day and age are memes. Memes can be used in all sorts of contexts and stylizations. They will be trendy for a long time, and printing a meme on your phone case design can get many people’s attention.

You get to display the fun side of you, and if people connect to your meme, you get to share some laughs, strengthen some bonds, and make your smartphone stand out.

Minimalistic Phone Case Design

Sometimes, the most popular and beautiful things are relatively simple and minimalistic. Some people opt to print on their phone case designs simple yet eye-catching models, such as birds, symbols, or other things.

Even a pair of drawn eyes can be a good way of sending a message to anyone looking at your phone case. These minimalist phone case designs are popular since they are easy to create and grab anyone’s attention easily while also showcasing a small side of you.

Complex Artwork Phone Case Designs

Some people feel the need to showcase their personality through complex artworks, and this type of design choice is also a popular form of customizing your phone case. You can create complex artwork phone case designs with a bit of patience and practice, but you won’t get it as fast as the other popular options.

In some instances, you can also hire an artist to help you out with your desired model or do it yourself with the appropriate tools.

How To Create Your Own Phone Case Design

Creating your own phone case design is relatively easy. You have to choose a printing website that offers such services. Usually, these types of websites have their own design maker tools. These tools can help you create your desired model for your phone case.

If you don’t want a particular model, you can always choose some good photos and print them directly on your phone case. You should follow the required sizes and quality as presented by the printing website that you choose to work with.

If you choose to work with a design maker tool, just create your own patterns and follow the instructions. You can play with some templates in some instances. Adjust your transparency or fill the space with backgrounds depending on your preferences.

If you don’t want to create an artwork or simply upload a photo, you can always go for a text. This is probably the easiest way to create your own phone case design. You can use a quote, meme, joke, anything.

Write the text, choose the font, sizes, and colors, and there you have it! You can also upload photos directly with your model and adjust them.

Final Words

Whether you want to create a popular phone case design for your phone or just give it a unique touch, you have to decide how you would like your phone case to look. Play with the design maker tools, templates, or other options printing websites offer, or choose some photos and edit them. Show your phone some love.