Fast And Secure Printing Solutions

To place an order and get help with a new printing project printing in the cloud can be your best option. Whatever your corporate needs are, the rise of the printing cloud solution can ensure that you get fast and secure printing solutions anywhere in the world at anytime.

Corporate Print Services

Increasingly, print service providers are discovering that merely selling ink on paper is not enough. Customers are looking for ways to advance work processes and reduce costs. Many customers are looking to consolidate points of contact and leverage areas of domain expertise. Corporate print services offer a wider range of products and services. Leading corporate print service vendors are taking advantage of this opportunity to grow services and gain strategic relevance. This enables them to expand and allows them to more effectively meet the requirements of the organizations that they serve. Adding up the costs of “printing” can account for a large chunk of corporate spending, as much as 15% of a business’s revenue.

Corporate Print service provide several services such as “printing,” meaning the total cost of managing and optimizing your printing needs, their output, and the people and processes that support these devices. This includes:

<> Pages produced by office workers, mobile workers and production print operations

<> Office desktop printers, multifunction printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines and high-volume printers

<> They also provide products such as Full design and print service, logo design, brochures, posters, invites, branding, booklets, leaflets, forms, pads, web design, e-media, newsletters, promotional items, and templates.

Fast And Secure Printing Solutions

<> They also provide services such as Coil Binding, Color Copying, Color Output, Comb Binding, Creative Services, Cutting, Layout, Typesetting, Die Cutting, Digital File Transfer, Direct Mail Marketing, E-mail, Enlargements & Reductions, Foam core Mounting, Folding, Lamination, large-Format Copies, Numbering, Offset Printing, On-Demand Printing, Online Ordering, Perfect Binding, Perfect Bound, Perforation, Plotting, Saddle Stitching, Scoring, Shrink-wrapping, Trimming and Grommeting, Variable Data Printing, Warehousing and Distribution.

<> IT help desk support, technical service, maintenance, and add, move and change requests.

<> Paper, ink, toner and other supplies and consumables.

Advantages of a Fast and Secure Printing Solution

<> Internal processes with rare interruptions and few errors

<> Little data is re-keyed

<> Units and functional areas collaborate

<> The organization is fast and cost-effective

<> The organization interacts with its stakeholders by sharing processes across the supply chain

<> The organization provides its customers and stakeholders with integrated end-to-end solutions

<> Procurement processes are coordinated with suppliers and the suppliers’ order fulfillment processes

<> Common data repositories eliminate duplication of effort, time, and cost while providing higher levels of service

Best Practices Towards a Fast and Secure Printing Solution

<> Aggregate all print (data center, print, and copy) under one organizational structure.

<> The print department should be able to distribute copiers/printers so they can leverage purchases and best deploy an effective overall strategy.

<> Aggregate print and mail; mail should be internal as well as external.

<> The print department should be responsible for or play a role in all paper purchases, even for those jobs that are sent outside, to best leverage price and to implement corporate standards.

<> The print department should play a role in all outside print purchases to leverage this activity for cost effectiveness and to apply its expertise.

These corporate printing solutions enable today’s small, medium and large enterprises focus on their core revenue generating assets while efficiently and cost-effectively reducing labor and investment into non-core activities such as printing.