Do You Like To Have iPhone’s Assistive Touch Feature On Your Android

Smartphones have a great demand in the present international market. There are many types of smartphones being manufactured all over the world by the manufacturing companies. At least a single smartphone is being manufactured every month with a new design and new technology with amazing features. Hence they have a great demand in the international markets and national markets. These smart phones are available at different prices depending upon the producer. Local brands are cheap but cannot feel like a branded smartphone. We can feel a smartphone with pleasure when we get to use of a branded pieces like Samsung, Apple, Sony or Nokia devices and many more. Hence, a branded piece is always a branded one when compared to a local piece. So, better use a branded piece and feel the pleasure.

Some months ago, Apple company introduced Assistive Touch in its operating system in which we can operate the entire mobile device with the help of that Assistive touch. There is no need to use the home button thoroughly in order to minimize or end an application and even to lock the screen. It will all work through the Assistive touch which is an inbuilt application in the mobile device. Just turn it on to make the most of it. So, as it became more popular in the iPhone devices, Android devices are also trying to make this application in reach for the users. Hence, an application named Meet Floating Touch is developed same to that of the iPhone’s assistive touch. Install this application and you can find a circle like floating icon on the screen. Just touch it and you will find the Floating Touch launchers pop out on the screen. As soon as the launcher pop outs you can see seven shortcut keys on the screen to operate.

Do You Like To Have iPhone’s Assistive Touch Feature On Your Android

They are as follows.

  • Wi-Fi on/off
  • Bluetooth on/off
  • Airplane mode
  • Brightness and many more including some applications.

The developer said that it will be reliable if used for the application that that of the mentioned above because, there are already some folders to use the above applications. The developer even told that, the users can even change the content in the application folder.

Do You Like To Have iPhone’s Assistive Touch Feature On Your AndroidThis application is  available for the users in two versions. Free version and the Pro version. In the free version of the application one cannot add a folder of their own and customize it. Where as in a Pro version a user can add any number of folders and make the most of it. Where as the Pro version is not for free and one need to pay for it, and it is available for approximately $ 2.00.

The users can even customize the logo of the Floating point on your respected screen to some other logos like Superman logo or Captain America shield and many other options. But, this application may distract you because, it will be always available on your screen even though when you are using an application. But, when compared to the Apple device, this touch can be reduced to different sizes and transparency.

This application is very useful to only the people who constantly use multitasking.